Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RassleResults: IWA "Verdict" Southaven, MS 6.25.10 by D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

Blalok "The Blazer" walked out and got the crowd riled up. There was a good crowd in attendance to witness VERDICT.

Precious made his way to the ring, throwing out gifts to the fans. Precious declared that he's here for one reason and one reason only and that is to become the IWA World Heavyweight Champion for a third time. Fans chanted, "Hypocrite" as The Leader of The Wise Church and IWA Heavyweight Champion "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise entered the IWA Arena. Wise stated that he would be the champ forever. The fans quickly responded chanting, "No you won't" and "Shut your mouth!" Antwane Wise told Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne to be quiet in the crowd. Precious and Antwane Wise ended up having an intense staredown. Meanwhile, "The Commentating God" Jason Hall joined Blalok at the announce table.

Samoan Raja, accompanied by "The St. Louis Bad Boy" Mr. Brooks made their way out for the opening contest. Mr. Brooks grabbed the mic, saying that Reno would never defeat Raja and get five minutes with him. Reno Diamond's music hit, but "The Magnificent One" was nowhere to be found. Mr. Brooks claimed that Reno is not there because he is in a hospital somewhere, thanks to the vicious attack by Wise last week that saw Reno get powerbombed through the stage. Mr. Brooks was having a good ole time telling the people, "I got ya!" The IWA Lightweight Champion Suicide walked to the ring and told Mr. Brooks that he was tired of his mouth. Suicide said he was willing to put the IWA Lightweight title on the line against Mr. Brooks, but Raja has to leave ringside and go to the back. "The Ladies Man" Beyond interrupted saying, "I know y'all didn't think y'all was going to have a Lightweight title match without The Most Sexiest Man!" Beyond added that he's got the best body and don't know how Mr. Brooks is a member of The Wise Church and not him. The match was made into a triple threat.

Opening Match-Triple Threat for the IWA Lightweight Championship-Champion Suicide vs "The St. Louis Bad Boy" Mr. Brooks vs "The Ladies Man" Beyond-In the opening moments, Beyond and Mr. Brooks double-teamed Suicide. Suicide would fire back with a spinning elbow off the ropes. Double suplex by Beyond and Mr. Brooks. Mr. Brooks would follow with a Russian legsweep on Suicide. Spike ddt by Mr. Brooks on Suicide. Suicide delivered a double Russian legsweep on both Mr. Brooks and Beyond. Tower of Doom out of the corner with Beyond powerbombing Suicide, who suplexed Mr. Brooks from the top-rope. Suicide picked up the victory after delivering an innovative half suplex face plant. Your winner and STILL IWA Lightweight Champion Suicide!

2nd Match-Samoan Raja vs Malik "The Great"-Referee Adam Bell-Raja jumped Malik as he was entering the ring. Raja with some vicious chops. Action spilled over the rail and into the front row. Raja missed a splash from the top. Malik hit Raja with his signature Rotation Kick. However, it wouldn't be enough on this night as Raja knocked the wind out of Malik with a clothesline as he flew through the air from the top-rope. Raja hit the Samoan Storm to get the win. Your winner Samoan Raja! After the bell, Raja looked to inflict some more pain to Malik as he went up to deliver a splash. Luckily, Malik's Tag-Team partner, Suicide, ran in to make the save by hitting Raja with his IWA Lightweight belt.

3rd Match-IWA Tag-Team Championship I Quit Match-Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) accompanied by Tara Mari vs IWA Tag-Team Champions SnS (Syn & Stunner)-Referee Adam Bell-Immediately, all four went at each other. Great teamwork by SnS. As they battled into the crowd, Jason fell as he was coming over the guardrail. The fans got a kick out of that. Back in the ring, Full Scale Assault connected with the hi-lo combo. During the match, fans heckled Tara by calling her, "Dude" and "HeShe". Full Scale continued their assault by delivering a doomsday device into Xander's WMD, but Stunner didn't quit. Stunner would fight back, springing off the ropes with an elbow on Xander. Syn asked Jason if he quit. When Jason refused, Syn proceeded to bash him in the head with the mic. Syn followed with a lionsault. Stunner knocked Xander back in the ring with a dropkick and hit an amazing swanton after running from the entranceway. Stunner quickly followed this with a shooting star. Stunner flew off the Ultimate-X cables with a leg drop. Syn took a devastating back body drop out on the entranceway. Xander tossed Syn into the steel guardrail with a giant swing. The end of the match came when Syn duct taped Tara to the announce table and DJ Stunner went up to the top-rope. Tara, fearing that Stunner was about to dive off on her, shouted, "I quit!" Stunner ended up backflipping off the ropes into the ring instead. Your winners and STILL IWA Tag-Team Champions SnS, Syn & Stunner! That was a cool finish. After the match, there was a heated argument between Full Scale Assault teammates, Xander Raines and Jason Steele. Tara ended up giving Jason Steele a low blow and Xander nailed his longtime partner, Jason Steele, with the WMD. Xander warned everyone, "Nobody better lay a hand on my sister!"

4th Match-T.V. Title Match-The Crime vs IWA T.V. Champion Chris Lexx-The Crime came out, chugging a bottle of Grey Goose. Chris Lexx got a HUGE pop. After being on the receiving end of a back body drop, clothesline and spin kick, Crime rolled out to the floor. Lexx leaped off the apron with a Superman punch. The Crime fought back with an atomic drop, enzuguri and hangman's neckbreaker. The Crime yelled, "Lexx is gonna die tonight, Baby!" Crime slowed down Lexx with a sleeper. Fans rallied behind Lexx. Crime with an elbow drop off the top-rope, but Chris Lexx managed to kick out. Lexx hit a frog splash for a two count. Lexx would follow with a running knee. Chris Lexx went for his signature Lexxecution maneuver, but The Crime countered, catching Lexx with The Crime Way. Then, The Crime decided to roll out of the ring to get him a drink. Back inside the ring, he went for the cover, but only got a two. After a series of reversals by both competitors, Lexx locked in the Texas Cloverleaf. Crime managed to make it to the ropes. Fans started the always popular, "Whoop that trick" chant. Gotta love that! Lexx hit the Lexxecution and locked back in the Texas Cloverleaf. Crime didn't tap out, but passed out. Referee Adam Bell awarded Chris Lexx the win after dropping Crime's lifeless arm three times. Your winner and STILL IWA T.V. Champion, Chris Lexx!

Semi-Main Event-Anything Goes Match-Full Deck (Ace & Joker), managed by Reggie B. Fine, who was carrying Kayte vs The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy)-All hell broke loose, instantly. Psycho bashed Joker into the ring steps. Ace with a Russian legsweep on Pappy with the kendo stick. Psycho chopped Joker. Ace beat Pappy with the stick. Ace clotheslined Pappy with Trigger's chain. Joker hit Psycho with the railroad sign. Psycho came back, hitting Joker with the sign. Reggie B. Fine crotched Psycho with the kendo stick. Pappy rocked both Ace and Joker with the kendo stick. Ace hit Pappy from behind with the chain. Joker blasted Psycho with a steel chair. All four warriors got color in this bloody war. Ace threw Pappy into Reggie, who hit him with the stick. Ace blasted Psycho with a chair. Psycho gave the Bubba Bomb to Ace on the chair. Joker splashed Pappy off the apron out on the floor. Pappy threw Joker into the ringpost. This match was wild and crazy! Reggie pulled out Kayte, distracting Psycho. As Psycho followed Reggie around the ring, Reggie had the doll next to him, walking it, which was hilarious! Meanwhile, Full Deck double-teamed Pappy to get the win. Your winners, Ace & Joker, Full Deck! After the match, Psycho caught Reggie and assaulted Full Deck with the kendo stick. Psycho got Kayte back in his possession.

Main Event-IWA Heavyweight Championship-"The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious vs The Leader of The Wise Church and IWA Heavyweight Champion "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise-On the way to the ring, Precious asked one fan could he have some of his pickle. Fans done got Antwane Wise perturbed, chanting, "Hypocrite!" Action began with a clean break by the champ. Precious reversed a hiptoss into one of his own. Precious followed with a series of armdrags. Wise fired back with some fierce punches. Big leg drop by Wise. Wise tried to suplex Precious from the apron out to the floor, but Precious countered and suplexed the big man back in the ring. Wise would quickly regain control. Wise missed a elbow drop from the top-rope. Dropkick by Precious, followed by a big back body drop. Wise ducked a clothesline and hit Precious with a running boot to get a two count. Precious caught Wise's boot and spun him around, nailing him with Satin Sheets. Wise was able to place his foot on the rope to stop the count. Precious missed a leg drop from the top. Referee Adam Bell took a bump, after getting hit by Precious's boot. While the ref was down, Wise Church members, Mr. Brooks and Samoan Raja, hit the ring, but Precious made quick work of them. Then, "The IWA Original" Sniper walked down and put Precious out cold with a spike piledriver. After Antwane Wise covered Precious, Sniper woke up Referee Adam Bell to make the count. Your winner and STILL IWA Heavyweight Champion, "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise! The Wise Church celebrated their victory. The show ended with Jason Hall inviting everyone to come out to Saturday's television tapings and telling everyone to have a good night.

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