Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Royal Flush - DCW by Pokerface


I know I haven't posted a column lately due to personal issues, but I felt a need to speak up.
It's no secret that DCW has ended. I have gotten numerous text asking me about the situation. Honestly some things I have no idea about. I've heard pretty much the same stories most of you have. Well, here's my take on DCW from the beginning to end.

First I will start with RWA, DCW's old name. We shut down due to management conflict. I will say it was one of, if not my favorite Indy show to be a part of. One of my biggest gripes about it was that the owner needed to let the booker, book. By the way that had nothing to do with the company ending, but felt the need to say it. I had/have no issues with the former owner . I did'n't like some things that he did, but that's just business. Anyway, after the demise of RWA, I truly did feel a loss, until I got a call from Rodney saying we would be up and running again in mid September '09. GREAT!

When we re-opened the show had a different feel. Not better or worse, just different. I was happy to see and work with my co-wrestlers once again, and everybody seemed happy to see each other. We had even brought in two big names in the biz, Sid Vicious and Scott Hall. And I had the privilege to work with them both. It also gave us a chance to ask them questions and what-not. We've always had a somewhat tight knit locker room. We had one boss. Again, ONE, boss. The owner let Rodney do his job with, to my knowledge, no interference. That, in return, made things run a lot smoother. It's true we weren't packing the house, but it had nothing to do with the quality of the show. It was just one of those things. RWA crowds, before the demise, had started to drop some also.

Around November '09 Rodney, here and there, had started getting out of town bookings. So you can say I was kind of in charge. I couldn't really enjoy myself or the show at first because I was such a detail freak. At first Rodney booked the matches, and would relay them to me. Then little by little, I would have almost 100% creative control, with final approval from Rodney. As time went on, I got more relaxed with my position. I will go on record to say that I did not run the show alone. I had help and sought advice from the other talent. If I couldn't figure something out, I had no problem asking for help, or they would just come to me. So it was a team effort. Guys like the Blazer, S. Brawler, L. Northern, R. Little, and the Violent Mexican helped out a lot.( I kinda didn't wanna give their wrestling names, lol) After every show, I would call and give Mack a report. I tried to involve everybody in the show from the trainees, to the girls, to the vets. Unlike some people who book, I didn't make it the Pokerface show. I did however at times get more time in matches and segments because I was the champion. That, in return, would put the importance of the power and privilege of the title, not to get me over.

Rodney wanted to give DCW, the original ECW feel. Where everybody chipped in and we are were like a family. I can honestly say we were. Saturdays couldn't come fast enough for me. We would train around one o'clock until about 4 pm, go have lunch, and come back for the show. Everybody tried to make everybody better. We would have a few drinks, socialize, and shoot the breeze with each other. But it was always business first. At one time Rodney felt that the rookies were partying too much and their performance was lacking, and he forbade them to have a drink until they got with it. Two rookies seem to have a attitude problem, so he made them train , but they couldn't do the show. I would at times during the pre-show meeting voice certain rules, and some guys would get pissed. But I told them that whatever rules I laid out were first approved by Rodney, so go see him if you don't like it.

Over the last couple of months everybody stepped up so much that it made Mack's job easier. We had different guys come in from Louisiana and Texas to come work. It was great. The crowds just weren't coming in. The tickets prices were raised. I'm assuming that was to keep the rent paid and the lights on. Not to mention, to pay us. We did lose a a few guys due to certain issues, from money to people being an ass to them. I have played advocate for a lot of the guys. Many guys were on the chopping block or were actually "fired" and I spoke up and pleaded their case for business sake. Many to this day, still don't know who they are.

Now Saturday, June 5, 2010. The day everybody wants to know about. First I would like to say that part of me had a feeling that DCW in that building was nearing an end. That was just from me observing the low crowds and having an idea what the rent was. Anyway. before I left for the show that afternoon, someone had text me asking was that night going to be the last show. I truly hadn't heard anything. Fast Forward. That day I cam back form lunch in Jonesboro, and I saw the owner of the building putting up a For Lease sign. I'm like WTF! So then I hear that the show was canceled. So I was told to call the guys who were coming in that night from Dyersburg, and tell them not to come. I admit I was sad. Rodney was cool, but seemed bothered. I was in the locker room maybe an hour later, drinking beer cocktails, when I was told the show was back on. So we ran the show with the "originals" so to speak. So it was an emotional night to say the least. After Southside defeated me in my final shot at the DCW title in that building, he cried. J.D. Kerry wept because that was the building he started in. Everybody was showing much love afterwards. As for the building being destroyed. I can say some doors were torn down, but most of the damage that was done, was done to the things that the promoter put his money in. Things that weren't there before.We always worked real rough wrestled real rough. Its on film thatjust about every week there was this wall that separated the fans from our dressing room that we tried to put a hole in every week by throwing each other into it. There is this table we been trying to break for 2 years. We almost broke the garage door to the building a few months back. If it got out of hand it was because ALL the wrestlers were sad. Tejano Kid would drive 9 hours from Texas every week to be there. It wasn't for the money. Me and some of the other guys could've been doing shows elsewhere for a little more money, but we chose to stay at DCW.

DCW was the first company I have ever worked for to let me completely use my ideas. It let me truly be Pokerface. As far as the rent not being paid or trouble with the Athletic Commission, I've only heard hearsay. Honestly in depth things about the bills and other things, Rodney never shared that with me, and it wasn't my place to know anyway. I will say this, things may or may not have got of hand at the show, but I can say, we, DCW, went out with a bang! Until next time, God bless you, and keep your pimp hand strong.