Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SWA results from 5/29/10

To Start the show LSD came out and said that their cars where tampered with, which is why they weren't at last weeks show. Cody Only cut a spill setting up his title match against Big dog next week.
1. TJ Wells vs Logan Adams(with S. Fury and Sexy Sam)
Winner: Logan when Fury nailed TJ with brass knuckles
2. Ray Ray vs Scott Fury(W/ Logan and Sexy Sam)
Winner: Ray Ray, with a springboard sunset Flip
3. Ray Ray, JR Special, and Big Dog Harley vs Tommy Drama and The Irish Mafia(Fury and Adams)w/ Sexy Sam
Winner: Sexy interfered with his cane and the beat down continued till LSD made the save and set up a 9 man tag match for the main
4. Idolbane vs. Tommy Drama(w/ Sexy Sam)
Winner: Drama. Idol had called for his finisher, The Ghost of Andy Kauffman, when Sexy Sam jumped on the apron distracting Idol. Idol pushed the ref outta his way to get at Sam. this gave Drama the chance to recover and push idol into the waiting cane shot from Sam. Drama then followed with a roll up for the win
5. Big Al vs Joshua Cross
Winner: Cross, with a Belt shot to Al
6. LSD vs Drama/Irish Mafia vs Ray/JR/Harley
Winners: LSD, when Cody hit Big Dog with his finisher the Limited Time ONLY.