Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wayne's World 6/8/10 by "3G" Eric Wayne

After reading what Tatt2 had to say about Friday night, I felt a response was in order. Not to correct him, defend my father or NEW, to put myself or anyone in particular over...but to issue a public service announcement to the guys in this area. I know I've got heat with some of you reading this, and afterwards I'll probably have more heat but this needs to be said.

First of all, Tatt2's story from Friday was pretty on the money from what I remember. I was in the other locker room when it happened but here is my 2 cents, for what its worth, on the situation. In NEW, we have a small locker room and its ran by one person. When I say that, I mean there is one person that relays finishes, makes sure everyone is ready, goes over anything special for the show, and gives the rules to any new talent as well as checking their gear. Alan Steele usually does this, but this particular night it was on my shoulders. Some things aren't allowed at NEW..pleather shorts and non-wrestling attire being the biggest. Not wrist tape. The issue with that is not taping your knuckles, boxer style. Before I went to the other dressing room I saw Tatt2 dressed out and since he's been there before I knew he knew the rules. I even saw him taping up and didn't see anything wrong. While I'm in the other room I suddenly hear my dad yelling about something then I hear something to the effect of "well you don't have to fucking work this show" from my dad and an awkward silence hit the rooms while they argued over Tatt2's hands being taped.

My take on this is that BOTH people were wrong in the altercation. Tatt2 didn't understand why he couldn't tape his hands, one of which is injured and needs to be taped the other is for looks. My dad was totally against it, except on the injured hand, and if anyone knows him knows he is very stubborn. So is Tatt2. I feel Tatt2 shouldve un-taped the uninjured hand but I also think my dad should've let it go before it ever got blown up out of control like it did. I understand now that Tatt2 had an attitude but it started AFTER he was being yelled at, I can't comment on any of that because I wasn't in the room. About a month ago my hand was injured and I taped it no differently than Tatt2 had his taped. Of course, I got in trouble but still worked. Weeks before that Kid Nikels was injured and taped his the same way...same result, trouble but still allowed to work. I need to point out that the tape wasn't noticed til post show when we watched the matches back. And no, I'm not saying the "students are treated different" I'm saying that we get in trouble for things too and that there was precedent that his tape shouldve been fine. So enough on this situation, both of you were wrong and over reacted.

Now, to the rest of this PSA. I've had a lot of people come to me and put over NEW and just as many that knock it, just not to my face of course. Again, Tatt2 was one of them. Maybe it was out of spite, maybe he really feels that way. But the bottom line is this, NEW was started to improve the business in this area...IN RING. Sorry if you think it was started for me or the school, you're an idiot for thinking it. Look at any show and what do you see? A business that has become an embarrassment. From looks to work, there are a handful of guys that don't embarrass me every single weekend. NEW was started to weed out the shitty "wrestlers" that we all complain about. It was created to provide wrestling that was more believeable than anything else being offered in this area. Thus the reason for wrestling gear, no heels and babyfaces, no punches, etc. Everyone says there are too many rules and I'm starting to agree, to an extent. Everyone seems to think that wrestling shouldn't change and evolve but it has to eventually. How many times can you go to a show and watch someone pull hair, tights, use ropes, and do the same shit every week?? Look at the gates, not very long. As "stupid" as the fans are, they pick up on all of that and get tired of it. When it comes to NEW, the rules are there to make the punches mean more and to make the cheating actually mean something when it happens. No one seems to understand that, not many anyway. As far as the ideas NEW represents, we do have heels and babyfaces but they're not the typical ones you see at every other show. Punches ARE thrown, but not very often. So, Tatt2 to say what you did, shows that you haven't been on an NEW show in quite some time.

I think a lot of the people that knock NEW are guys that know they aren't good enough to work our show and fans that don't like the style. I'm sorry if we work more fast paced and hit harder than you prefer. The guys at NEW actually want a career in this business though. We don't do this for fun, we do it because it IS fun. I know that NEW doesn't draw well and nothing draws if you don't advertise, that's my piece on that topic. While I know a lot of guys that knock NEW, myself, my dad or the wrestlers that are on the show...some of what you're saying is right. Are there too many rules? Yes..and no. Do you have be able to work to get on an NEW show? Yes. Will the NEW style ever catch on? Its hard to say, but this company called Ring Of Honor started up a few years ago....

While I've heard good things, I've heard others that prefer the "old school" style to NEW's. Its ice cream, to quote Derrick King. Its all the same, but the differences are what make it special. Do I agree with everything in NEW? Hell no. Do I think there is something special there? Hell yes. While NEW has rules, wrestling does too. But over time they've been thrown to the side and while NEW might not be for everyone, the bottom line is its all about taking pride in what you do and being good in the ring. Why do you think NEW tries its best to employ all the top talent? Because THAT is what is wrong with wrestling. ANYONE can get booked at any time.

Before I finish, I want to publicly apologize to Tatt2 for Friday night. I had a lot to do with getting him back in NEW. He knows how I feel about his work and reputation too but after reading his feelings of Friday night I'm not sure how to feel anymore. A lot of what was said was right, but just as much was said out of bitterness. I still look forward to getting in the ring with you again bro, and there are no hard feelings.