Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wayne's World "Scars and Stripes" by Eric Wayne

Yes, this edition is about the big show NEW is presenting on July 2 called "Scars and Stripes" but that's not all.

We all know about big shows, big matches, etc. Whether its an event that draws huge numbers or a 4 star match, for whatever reason they're all important right? Right. There's always that special feeling when the big show starts. Or there's that atmosphere that something special is about to happen.  But what about on a personal level? Whether its a career milestone or something else, we all have matches or shows that are important to us.  This Friday is no different. Its a big show for NEW and this time, myself. The circumstances surrounding my match aren't important and neither is the outcome. But the very next day is personally important.

We've all lost family and friends and July 3rd is my grandmother's birthday, or would've been. She passed away a couple months before my first match and I can't help but think about her before important events. She only saw me in the ring one time, early in my training. She knew how much I wanted to follow my dream and as much as it bothered her, she supported me. My grandmother was one of those people that would do anything she could to help someone. No matter how much something bothered her(like knowing I wanted to wrestle) she would be there for me.

I actually try not to think about her too much because it bothers me she hasn't seen any of my career. One of the most important matches for me was last month against Eric Young. On the way to meet my dad in West Memphis, I actually broke my own rule and started thinking about her and couldn't stop myself from crying. I knew how proud she would be and started picturing her on the front row but I knew it wouldn't happen.

So this Friday when I step in the ring, its not just as the main event on a big show. Its not just a Match of the Year rematch. Its not just to defend my title. Its for my grandmother. I know she would be there cheering me on, and probably scared out of her mind more than a few times. And she'll be there in spirit just like she was for my graduation, against Eric Young, and when I worked for WWE. So if you're there Friday, know this: if any tears are shed its because she's not there and the tears you see are for her and all the encouragement she gave me over the years. Thank you, this one is for you!!