Monday, July 12, 2010

Bobby Eaton Update

As you all can imagine, it has certainly been a crazy week for me as I am just now posting an update on Bobby Eaton.

Bobby has been in the hospital since Wednesday to relieve fluid that had built up on his body. His travels often cause him to get some fluid build-up from time to time, but usually within a few days he is back down to normal.

This time, that wasn't the case as the fluid never went away.

Bobby had a couple of doctor's appointments that ended up cancelled, so last week we decided that we couldn't hold out any longer and we went to the hospital, first in Wynne and then he was moved to Jonesboro.

Certainly, both Bobby and I want to apologize to the fans in Hernando, MS, who were hoping to see him at the XOW benefit this past Saturday. We were certainly looking forward to that and feel bad that we had to cancel that appearance.

I do want everyone to know that we appreciate all thoughts and prayers. Bobby has already dropped some of the fluid and is feeling much better. I expect him to be back home at some point this week.

Take care all.