Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Corey Maclin on WMC-TV 5

----George Wren sent the following in as Corey apperared on WMC-TV5 at the 10:00 on 7/20.. The following is from

Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man who wants your vote to manage some of your taxes has trouble managing his own finances.

Wrestling promoter Corey Maclin says on his website that he wants "more honesty and integrity" in the Shelby County Clerk's Office.

"Corey knows the right way to run a business..." are among the reasons he says you should put him in office.

A search of Shelby County Trustee's Office property tax records reveals Maclin's business, Maclin and Associates, owes $19,000 in back property taxes.
His business, Memphis Wrestling, owes more than $900 in back taxes.

In a Commercial Appeal story Maclin says one of his top issues is "budgeting and proper placement of funds."

But there are several civil judgments against him for unpaid debts. F.B. Financial, Bank of America, and our company, WMC-TV, have all sued Maclin for unpaid debt.

In those three cases judgements against Maclin were issued totaling more than 47-thousand dollars. Those judgments have not yet been paid.

An Action News 5 reporter reached Maclin over the phone. He said he did not want to comment on the judgments or back taxes at the advice of his attorneys.

"I don't have 25,000 in my pocket to pay those bills. If you had multiple businesses you would have unpaid taxes too," Maclin told the reporter. "I have made arrangements with the Trustee's Office to make payments on the delinquent property taxes."

As for Maclin's opponent, Wayne Mashburn, the reporter searched his record over the past 10 years in Shelby County, and found no court judgments, eviction notices, liens, or unpaid taxes. Not even a speeding ticket.