Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eaton inducted into ASWF Hall of Fame

In a classy moment during last night All-Star Wrestling Federation (ASWF) event in Tuckerman, AR, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton was inducted into the promotion's hall of fame.

After all the workers came out for the national anthem, the babyfaces stayed out and they asked for Eaton to remain too.

Austin Lane and Brian Christopher both made comments about Bobby, complimenting his work and attitude.

Eaton thanked the fans and ASWF for the honor.

Later in the night, Eaton worked in Lane's corner as "The Human Highlight Reel" faced Casino Kid.

I'm sure the ASWF will have full results posted shortly.

Also, as a brief update, Bobby continues to improve. Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers.