Thursday, July 01, 2010

IWA TV 6.26.10 Ratings and Random Thoughts


----Memphis area fans were watching wrestling on Saturday and IWA should be very happy with these numbers.  They opened with .6 [9717 viewers] for the first two quarters and then .8 [12956 viewers] for the last two quarters. Good for them as they scored the same as the JLMW in the last two quarters and scored an overall .7 [11337 viewers].  The first two quarters both had overflowing matches into the next quarter.  And the last two quarters featured a battle royal.  I have posted it below with Wren's report to let everyone see what aired in the quarters. 


----The show has improved to the point that the camera work and look is better than the Memphis show.  There still is a brightness in the building that kinda distracts me.  If they would paint the building a dark color and only show the first few rows of fans, then the building would looked packed...Jason Hall has improved to the point that I can actually listen to him.  He cracked me up when he said, "Good Grief" talking about the attack on the Asylum.  He really does need a real good person to join him - not a heel - just a good counter point person...I love what they did with Kayte and almost burning her.  This was a re-doing of an angle from the Dyersburg Entertainment Center days; right??...The two matches in the first two quarters did overlap a bit into the following quarter, but both matches were real good for TV.  Chris Lexx got a good pop coming out and Raines worked hard.  Ace vs Syn was real fun with a good build up and they actually surprised me with a few false finishes.  Syn may be one of the most improved this year.  I could be really picky on various things, but nothing major out of either match stood out as being wrong...The last two quarters I just had to fast forwarded because it was all a battle royal, which I hate.  I guess I was the only one, because everyone that was watching the show stayed with it during that 30 minutes...Graphics were a nice touch...Antwane Wise and Blalok The Blazer [pictured] are my two favorite performers on here.  At first look, I thought the Wise was trying to do the CM Punk gimmick, but it comes off more as a black preacher cult leader type of thing.  Does that make sense??  Wise and Blazer both are great on the mic and really would be money.  Wise bumps great for a big guy and I would put Blazer in that role of manager/wrestler, who takes all the punishment, but they get the baby in the end. [much like they did Reno in the finish of the show]  Blazer also has a great wrestling mind that can be used to help with booking and calling finishes. Wise also looks like a champion in his suit and carrying the belt more than anybody on the show...If you watched this show when it first started and thought it was crap, then you should give it at least another try.  


The opening montage aired

Highlights aired of the following from last week:

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) v. Jason Steele & Xander Raines where Asylum got the win

Full Deck (Ace & Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine cut a promo with a barbeque grill saying they are going to have a cookout and that everyone was going to get a piece what they was cooking up.

Reno Diamond v. Samoan Raja v. Chris Lexx
SnS (Syn & Stunner) v. Blalock the Blazer/Antwane Wise

Jason Hall opens the show and welcomes everyone.

(1) IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines [start]

1st Quarter: .6 [9717 viewers]

IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines [finish]

(2)Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn [start]

2cnd Quarter: .6 [9717 viewers] 

Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn [finish]

IWA Heavyweight Champion Antwane Wise (the former Carnage Antwane) comes out all decked out in a suit and sats in on color commentary with Jason Hall.

(3)Reno Diamond won a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship
Those in the battle royal were: The Crime, Sniper(Charlie Parks), Chris Lexx, Drew Donovan, Suicide (not to be confused with the TNA version), Ace, Malik, Joker, Psycho, Xander Raines, Pappy, Beyond, Syn, Reno Diamond, Blalock the Blazer, Mr. Brooks, Precious, Samoan Raja, Bishop
WINNER: Reno Diamond

Jason Hall tries to close the show but you can barely hear him because of the music in the background.

Antwane Wise did a beat down on Diamond and powerbombed him off a estimated 5 foot stage.

Hall finally closes the show where you can hear him.
3rd and 4th Quarter .8 [12956 viewers]