Monday, July 05, 2010

Jeremy Moore - New Owner of MACW!!

----In a move right out of a wrestling storyline, Jeremy Moore stepped into the MACW Dyersburg, TN arena Saturday night during the start of the opening match to announce that he is now the owner and operator of MACW. He let everyone know that he owned the promotion telling them the new changes that were going to happen including stripping Jon Michael of the MACW Title and the tag champs.  He made himself the new MACW champion.  He fired everyone on the MACW roster including Derrick King, Cody Melton, Jason Reed, Chris O’Neal and Stan Lee.  [Moore kept only Tim Edwards and Gaylon Ray from the old crew] He made four matches for the night.  After the 4th match, he told all the fans that they could go over to the NBW building and watch rest of that show for FREE.

----At the NBW building, it was announced that Jeremy Moore and “Anarchy” members [Kevin Charles, Triple-C, Kid Nikels, Blaine Devine and Brian Badd] would not be attending the show that night.  They set up a new main event of Chris Rocker vs Eric Wayne.  During the main event [after the MACW fans had piled into the NBW arena], “Anarchy” came thru the front door and side door demolishing everyone in the NBW dressing room leaving them bloody in the ring.  Moore even draped the MACW banner over the NBW crew.

----I should have the full rundown on both cards before the end of the week, but the story behind all of this is – Jeremy Moore did buy MACW. He bought all their equipment and now is the owner and operator of that promotion along with promoting in the Jukebox cafĂ© building. He coordinated with Chris Rocker at the NBW building, so they presented two shows at the same time,    RRO has covered the whole drama of this building and how Moore was asked to leave it when he started NBW. [CLICK HERE] Derrick King, just a few weeks back, was named new booker for the third time in just a little over the year, is now out the door including his normal crew of guys.  I don’t know Moore’s full plans, but this is the best way to eliminate your competition – buy them. I actually love the angle with Moore taking charge of MACW and it being the heel promotion and group.  It makes for a great wrestling storyline with so much underlining shoot material that people will believe..well..because most of it is true. Moore with this move has went from me writing in 2007 “Is it good to have a teenage kid help book your show??” to Moore being the most powerful man in the Newbern/Dyersburg area.