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Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling TV; Mercer v. Boyce; Christopher-Baxter angle

What: Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling

When: Jule 3, 2010 (taped July 17, 2010) WPXX 50 (ION NETWORK)

Where: Memphis, TN @ The Vine.... (fifth show)

Color Commentary: Brandon Baxter, Lauren Jenkins,

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, & Bert Prentice

Referee: Downtown Bruno(a.k.a. Harvey Wippleman) & Jerry Calhoun

By: George Wren - email private

The opening montage aired with the theme Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"

Brandon Baxter & Lauren Jenkins welcomed everyone to the show as Baxter plugged the show

Brian Christopher

Koko B. Ware v. Derrick King

Another match in the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament

Jenkins called the Southern Title the Southern Weight Heavyweight Title (LOL!)

Hornswoggle plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling (same promo that aired from 6/19)

Commerical Break:

Derrick King came out and cut a promo stating he is tired of all the legends and everything being about Jerry Lawler (name graphic spelled Derrick's name "Derek" typical Memphis error)

(1) Koko B. Ware v. Derrick King

Both begin to trade punches until King takes a powder outside the ring. King is back in the ring

Both do a test of strength with King getting the upper hand by delivering a right hand to Ware which sent Ware on the mat. King begins choking Ware on the mat. King takes Ware to the corner and begins to get his heat where he is delivering right hands to Ware. King goes for a suplex but Ware blocks it and delivers a suplex of his own. Ware is in control of the match when out comes Johnny Dotson and Boss Winters. The heels get their heat on Ware as they beat on King.

WINNER: Koko B. Ware via DQ

Edge cut a promo ripping on Memphis Championship Wrestling saying "Is this stupid show still on the air?"

Commerical Break:

Kevin White and Su Yung comes out and cuts a promo. Su has sunglasses on. Baxter puts over Yung and tells the crowd about her WWE developmental deal and that Yung is not going to relocate to Florida right yet as planned. Baxter is putting over FCW (developmental territory. Raw, and Smackdown. Lawler's music hits and out comes Lawler to Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" ..

Lawler put Young over talking about her career. Lawler said Yung will no be reporting to Florida until 3-6 months. Yung stands there in sunglasses disapointed. Lawler ask Yung to take off her sunglasses that everything is going to be ok. Kevin White says Su don't you take those glasses off if you know what's good for you. Lawler insisted that Yung takes the sunglasses off. So Lawler reaches and takes the sunglasses off of Yung which revealed a black eye. Yung said White hit her in the face when she got a developmental contract and he didn't. White said Su you are fired and you can go back to the nail shop where I found you. White said Su you will be replaced real fast. Yung walks off with Lawler.

Mallory plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling... Mallory is just a spectator

Commerical Break:

During the break a commerical aired plugging "Nightmare" Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Ark. (901) 831-4198 or

Tommy Mercer came out and cut a promo calling Baxter "Mr. Clean".. Mercer said he is in Memphis for one thing and that's for the Southern Heavyweight Championship

(2) Tommy Mercer v. Matt Boyce (Southern Title Tournament Match)

Bert Prentice sit in on color commerntary with BB and says the winner of the match will gain his services.Both lock up where Mercer did the push away sending Boyce to the mat two different times. Mercer takes Boyce to the corner delivers right hands to Boyce. Bert puts over both guys during the match and calls Brandon "Brandy".. Mercer delivers a russian leg sweep to only get a two count on Boyce. Mercer now delivers a sit down powerbomb to only get a two count on Boyce. Mercer goes for another sit down powerbomb but Boyce reverses it into a small package to get the win.

WINNER: Matt Boyce

After the match Bert Prentice gets in the ring and offers his services to Boyce (where Prentice puts over Jim Cornette and Downtown Bruno as a manager) Boyce declines Prentice's offer saying he is doing just fine on his own. Prentice said maybe you don't know who I am? I am going to offer you my services one more time as Prentice is finger poking Boyce in the chest. Boyce said maybe you didn't hear me or your hard of hearing. Boyce punched Prentice sending Prentice on that mat.

Carolyn plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling.. Carolyn is just a spectator

Lauren Jenkins plugs the Superstar Hotline with this week being former ECW/WWE color commentator Joey Styles. Styles cuts a promo putting over the defunct ECW. Styles says if Lawler and Baxter can do any better with just a camera, and a little duck tape and says "I am out of here". and Memphis is alive and well.

Highlights aired of Chris Jericho v. R-Truth from Raw on Memorial Day (May 31, 2010) when R-Truth reversed Jericho's Wall of Jericho into a small package for the win.

Ox Baker cut a promo plugging Memphis Championship Wrestling. Ox stated that Lawler has copied every move of his and that neither one of them has a win over each other. Ox said he will be in Memphis sooner then expected.

Commerical Break:

Brian Christopher comes out and cuts his usual heel promo saying he is back in the Southern Title Tournament and that he was never eliminated from the tournament. Baxter says Brian "You are no longer in the tournament you was defeated by Matt Boyce"... Christopher says no I wasn't. Christopher calls out Guy Coffey(a main stay in Memphis for years and even helped out with the gimmick tables through out the years)... GC says Brian your not in the tournament any longer. Christopher replies what are you talking about? I thought we discussed all this over the phone? GC said if you win your match today then you will be put back in the tournament.

Wolfie D's music hits as he comes out to House of Pain's "Jump Around" in full PG-13 gimmick. Wolfie cuts a promo.

(3) Brian Christopher v. Wolfie D.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock sat in on color commentary with BB. Brian quickly delivers a right hand to Wolfie but Wolfie makes a quick comeback and delivers a right hand of his own. Wolfie goes to the top rope but Christopher catches him coming off with a superkick. Christopher goes for a neckbreaker and plays to the crowd to only get a two count. Boyce comes out to ringside and is talking to GC which distracts Christopher. Christopher turns his attention away from Wolfe and yells what are you doing out here? As Wolfie comes from behind and rolls Christopher up for the pin.

WINNER: Wolfie D.

After the match Christopher goes over to the announcers desk as BB tells him Brian your no longer in the tournament so let's just take it out of here. Christopher says can you say that one more time. BB says your no longer in the tournament. Christopher then pushes BB where he fell behind the desk. Blaylock starts laughing (it would have been good to have grabbed the mic instead of just sitting there) Blaylock says Baxter is in big trouble (as when he fell over he broke a plant on a stand that sat next to the announcers desk) now that he broke that plant because it was $1,000. BB gets up holding his elbow saying "Is he gone?" Blaylock said yes he is gone... "Sorry to see that happen to you" (You could tell Blaylock tried so hard to "kayfabe" and not to laugh once BB got up)

Commerical Break:

BB and Jenkins thanked everyone for tuning in and to make sure to tune in next week for the following:

The Southern Title Tournament continues

Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels will be in action

A Hollywood star will appear

NOTES: The 6/24 show did a .8 rating (12956 viewers) this has been the highest rating so far since it debuted on WPXX 50 (Credit: Brian Tramel)... The next set of tv tapings is 7/14 at The Vine.... The opening montage had a different look when it came on as it showed all the talent on it (but the Anthony Perkins Psycho music sound I would get rid of it takes away from the montage)...The production is a little bit better but could use a little more work but has been better then any of the other weeks. The name graphic gives the show a more positive look... Mercer did a nice promo and is good on the mic.. Lawler needs to push Mercer big time and not drop the ball with this guy... The angle with White-Yung-Lawler was really good to put Yung over as a developmental talent.... I would have put Mercer v. Boyce in the finals of the tournament and had Mercer take the strap with Boyce chasing the title.... Looks like next week will be the finals of the tournament with Boyce v. Lawler... The WWE promos and highlights does not do anything for the Memphis product... Keep Jenkins off the mic she will do alot better just placing her with someone and having her stand in the corner as just a pretty face... The two promos of the spectators could have been left off it didn't do anything for the show)..... Not to fond of Baxter doing the stand up to the boys... I have never been big on color commentary doing an angle with the boys... It doesn't show anything.. It worked for Russell back in the day but it's a new time so I would wing away from that direction.... When Wolfie D cut a promo the crowd was dead as to say the ones in the crowd didn't know who he was or just didn't care.... Do away with Superstar Hotline as it's useless not unless you plan on bringing the talent in that airs this segment could be used for a match....Christopher-Baxter angle makes no sense this can't do anything for the product....The whole hollywood tease doesn't do anything for Memphis stuff like that works in WWE not Memphis... The tournament should have had a bracket look it would have made it more of a better look....

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