Thursday, July 01, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 4 - 6.26.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts


----JLMW scored their highest rating to date with a .8 for all four quarters. That translates to 12956 viewers for the whole hour.  I usually post every quarter here with what airs in that quarter, BUT since all four quarters were the same there is no reason to do it.  Their best rating was a .3, so they almost tripled that.  This has to be good news for JLMW, if they can maintain this and go higher.  The production of this show still needs LOTS of work, but they do have stuff that ends before each quarter hours [instead of lapping over], which shows some improvement over other shows.


----I was highly disappointed in this episode after being excited about last week's show.  It did not flow well and it took them FOREVER to actually air wrestling...Bert Prentice says Derrick King is his own worst enemy.  Bert shoots every episode, if you know what to listen for...I think they probably needed material for this episode, but I would not have aired old PPV matches...Savini looked drunk!!  And why are you still trying to live in the past with this Andy Kaufman angle??...I like Tommy Mercer.[pictured]  I would push him through the roof.  It should be him vs Matt Boyce in the finals for the Southern Title.  I would even give him the belt and let Boyce chase the title. His match with Lawler, was typical Lawler match that at times reminded me of Lawler against any big guy and then into an old Savage/Lawler match with Mercer doing three axe handles.  Video was screwed up here.  I liked Mercer's interview also.