Friday, July 09, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 5- 7.03.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts


----JLMW scored the same exact rating of .8 for all four quarters. That translates to 12956 viewers for the whole hour.  They now have aired the last 8 quarters with the same rating. I usually post every quarter here with what airs in that quarter, BUT since all four quarters were the same there is no reason to do it.  There seems to be a core tuning in, but as the weeks go by we will be able to analyze that more.  The show is airing below 2009 average of .9 [15,114 viewers] and the overall four year average is 43,324 viewers.  So, they are far from getting ratings that will reach that many people.  The production improved a bit in this episode [which is the second set of tapings].  They did make a mistake in two quarter hours bleeding an angle into two different quarters.  


----I am not a big fan of Lauren Jenkins – nice to look at, but not great on the mic…Sound was still a little off..DK interview was good talking about the legends of Memphis …Chuck Poe did a good job reffing…What is the real story about Su Yung going to the WWE??  Was she really going??  Is she still going??  I like the Yung/White/Lawler angle.  It is a little old school, but I liked it the first time with Dirty White Girl and Dirty White Boy. White was good when he was firing her.  Lawler is now with Yung – surprise you??  LOL…Bert Prentice was entertaining doing commentary as usual…I like Tommy Mercer – would have loved to had him vs Boyce in the finals of the tournament! A really good solid match between Mercer/Boyce. .Prentice was good in the angle with Boyce.  Boyce did a good job also…Joey Styles interview was hilarious!!...Hollywood Jimmy was hilarious talking about Wolfe D and prison..Ok, so I like Wolfe D and Brian C – but damn, I am tired of those old gimmicks!! Good solid match from them though…Brian C/Baxter angle seem to surprise Jimmy.  Good stuff!  The vase was not suppose to break and apparently Brian got a butt-chewing for doing it…A good show with solid wrestling.  It still needs work on the production end of it, but I like the storylines they are going with and hope to see them continue with it.