Friday, July 16, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 6- 7.10.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts

----JLMW scores their highest rating since the return with a .9 overall rating, which were 14,576 viewers.  They continued their streak of 10 straight quarters with a .8 rating [12,956 viewers] in the first 2 quarters of the show and then jumped up 1620 viewers in the 3rd Quarter.  The 4th Quarter was their best quarter to date with an increase of over 6,000 viewers to finish real strong for the Lawler vs Jokester match.
I might not have liked that stuff, but it got the highest rating of the show.  This was almost a perfect show for ratings with increases in each quarter and a big finish.   
Quarter Breakdown – CLICK HERE to read the TV report by Larry Goodman

.8 [12956 viewers]
1st Quarter – ends during the KevinWhite Interview.

.8 [12956 viewers]
2cnd Quarter – ends after Dusty/Piper interview.

.9 [14576 viewers] +1620
3rd Quarter – ends as the Lawler interview starts to air.

1.3 [21054 viewers]+6478
4th Quarter

----Good Bert Prentice interview to intro Josephus. Matt Boyce did a good job.  Josephus is real green, but has a good look. Boyce reminds me of a young Terry Taylor. Boyce is getting a BIG PUSH.  But, what the hell is going on with the Southern Title tournament?? No brackets??...Baxter continues to be a good here.  They should have aired some kind of update on the Brian C angle from last week…Good interview with Kevin White, but that Ga Ga Girl stuff was..well..ok..I guess she was supposed to look bad. White said he found her at a “prime” place.  LOL…Six man tag was pretty good.  Johnny Dotson looked good in this match.  Was this the first time White worked Wayne?? Boss Winters was fun on the commentary here.  I don’t think putting Dotson/King over as the new “Rough & Ready” is good though....Cat fight got a good pop, but did nothing for me…David Walls, the Mayor and Betty were in the crowd…The stuff with Andy Kaufman is so old and Lawler even said that.   I have always like Colorado Kid, but hate the gimmick stuff.  This is so Lawler 80s booking. And this match – Jokester vs Lawler – was the same bout I have seen for like 30 years!!...Hollywood Jimmy was good during commentary.