Friday, July 23, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 7- 7.17.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts


----The show finished with an overall rating of .7 [11,337 viewers] slipping out of their .8 comfort zone.  They started with a .2 [3229 viewers] and climbing in each quarter to 1.1 [17,815 viewers]. 
Lawler should be happy with this rating in the sense of each quarter getting better rating. This is still not a great rating, but where else can you go in this area and be seen by over 17,000 people??  Lawler is the rating winner again this week with his match against Jokeste.  Classic stuff also got the second best quarter.

----CLICK HERE to read the report by Larry Goodman and here are the Quarter breakdowns.

.2 [3239 viewers]
1st Quarter - ends after tag match.

.5 [8098 viewers] [+4859]
2cnd quarter - ends after WWE stuff

.9 [14576 viewers] [+6478]
3rd Quarter - ends just as the Fabs match starts

1.1 [17815 viewers] [+3239]
4th Quarter  


----Brian Christopher interview to start the show was good..Bert Prentice always adds something to commentary.  He mentioned Brandon Baxter working for Global and getting Baxter his job.  Baxter actually had the comment of the week by saying, "Bert has been able to groom many young guys.."  Sorry that was just funny...Opening match was a good solid bout with them still putting over Matt Boyce over like a million bucks.  I like the push.  Tommy Mercer jumped the babys and so much has the "look."  He still has some seasoning, but of all those guys he was in the ring with - he looked like a star.  Koko made the save and it didn't look believable...Kevin White was good...Su Yung vs Ga Ga Girl was really bad.  I am going to say something here and let me preface it first - I think Yung has a great body and is perfect size.  Ok, with that said, if she is going to the WWE, she has to work on her midsection.  Take a look at the WWE girls and they are scrutinized beyond fair...Another Jokester/Lawler bout and still nothing special.  That fireball looked great though!!  Colorado Kid did look good here working hard...Blaylock is getting a nice push and enjoy him on commentary...None of the WWE or Classic stuff are of interest to me.