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Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.24.10 by D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

 ----Here is the Memphis report by D-Rock.  I will have my Ratings and Random Thoughts later this week.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins welcomed everyone and informed us of what's coming up in the program. They announced that this week we'll see 6-man tag action with Tommy Mercer, Brian Christopher and Josephus squaring off against Koko B. Ware, Wolfie D and Matt Boyce. Also, there will be a special mixed tag match with Jerry "The King" Lawler teaming with the lovely Su Yung to battle Kevin White and The Ga Ga Girl.

Audrey plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

'3G' Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels defeated Derrick King & Johnny Dotson in a highly competitive opening contest when Johnny Dotson accidentally hit Derrick with one of Boss Winters shoes, enabling Eric Wayne to get the three count. Referee was Downtown Bruno. Following the match, Derrick King and Johnny Dotson were not too pleased with Boss Winters, but they decided to give him one more chance.

Sharon plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

WWE Action, presented by Frankie's Cars, which featured The Miz winning back the United States Championship on Monday Night RAW in a Fatal 4-Way match, as he defeated R-Truth, John Morrison and Zack Ryder.

They aired the Tom Savini promo from a month ago. However, this week they censored out the part where he called Lawler a scumbag, psychopath and a big tub of spit.

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back with The Superstar Hotline, brought to us by Tax Solutions. They aired a video of Rocky Johnson saying, "Of course, we all remember me. I'm Rocky 'The Soulman' Johnson. Memphis, Tennessee! There ain't a day goes by that I don't think about Memphis! All the matches I had with Jerry Lawler. The best one was when we had the boxer versus wrestler, when I knocked him out! That was the greatest thing that ever happened and I'm looking forward to it again. So, Memphis get ready because The Soulman might be coming back your way." They showed a quick classic clip of Rocky Johnson walking out, wearing one of "The King's" crowns. Then, we heard more from Rocky Johnson as he added, "I can't believe it! I talked to Jerry Lawler and he told me Jerry Calhoun is still refereeing. I didn't even know he was still living! He's gotta be about 102 years old! I tell ya one thing, when I come to Memphis, cause I'm coming back again, and I may be coming after The King. Calhoun, don't get in my way cause you were always in my way before. You was an old man then and you're an old man now!"

Audrey plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Video of Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, saying, "Grandmaster Sexay, you're my favorite wrestler of all-time. How you doing?"

Brian Christopher, Tommy Mercer and Jocephus made their way to ringside. Brian Christopher called Lauren, "Little Miss Priss" and said he's a world renown professional wrestling superstar unlike Matt Boyce, who's a jabroni. Brian added that there's nothing that is going to stop him from ending Matt Boyce's career today. Funniest part came as Brian was getting his teammates, Tommy Mercer and Jocephus, fired up for the match by slapping their chests. At one point, Tommy Mercer slapped Brian back with Brian saying, "Ow!"

Matt Boyce, Wolfie D and "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware made their entrance with Wolfie doing a little rap and Koko singing "Piledriver".

Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

6-Man Tag Action-Matt Boyce, Wolfie D & "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware defeated Brian Christopher, Tommy Mercer & Jocephus when Koko delivered the Bird Buster on Jocephus. Referee was Chuck Poe. Following the match, Brian Christopher and Tommy Mercer took their anger and disappointment out on Jocephus by attacking him.

Video of Mrs. Carol Brady saying, "Hi, I'm Florence Henderson and you are watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling! Hi, Jerry! Go get em!"

Commercial aired for the Memphis Wrestling Academy, where you will receive state of the art training from top pros, such as Kevin White and "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher. Classes are forming now! For more information, call (615)430-7067.

Kevin White and The Ga Ga Girl made their way out. Kevin was bragging because The Ga Ga Girl beat Su Yung last week, just like he said she would. Kevin added that he knew what was best for Su Yung and if she would have kept her mouth shut and listened she would have been much better off. Kevin told Lawler since he wants to keep sticking his nose in his business, he's gonna beat him today.

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Su Yung came out, making fun of The Ga Ga Girl, along with Lauren Jenkins. Su Yung said, "She's missing so much teeth, it looks like her tongue is in jail!" Lawler added that he did his homework on The Ga Ga Girl and said, "Did you know that when she was born, she was so ugly that her incubator had tinted windows. And when she got a little older, her mother had to get drunk to breastfeed her!"

Television Main Event-Special Mixed Tag Match-Jerry "The King" Lawler & Su Yung defeated Kevin White & The Ga Ga Girl when Su Yung leaped off the top-rope hitting The Ga Ga Girl with a cross-body to get the three count made by Referee Jerry Calhoun.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins wrapped up the show by thanking everyone for joining them. Lauren was glad that Su Yung got some revenge on The Ga Ga Girl. Brandon thinks Su Yung isn't done yet because he feels that she still wants to get some more revenge on Kevin White. We'll find out more, next week.

Don't forget to catch Memphis Wrestling on TV Every Saturday Morning at 11:00 on Channel 50 PAXtv/ION Television in Memphis! Channel 12 for ones with Comcast!
Also, You can view the entire shows online at KingJerryLawler.com

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