Friday, July 30, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.24.10 Week 8 Ratings and Random Thoughts

---Here are the Ratings for this week and my Random Thoughts

----The show has been declining a bit the last two weeks after two weeks of doing .8 [12,956 viewers], then scored a .9 [14,576 viewers].  They scored a .7 [11,337 viewers] last week and now this week they scored a .6 [9717 viewers].  The week [7.10.10] that they scored .9, they also scored their biggest quarter of 1.3 [21054 viewers].  They have not reached that number again and seem to have viewers slipping away.  This all translates with just little over 12,000 viewers in the last 5 weeks.  Not good, but as I have said, where else can you be seen by that many wrestling fans in this area??  As we posted earlier this week, the other area TV shows, RCW & ASWF are not drawing anything like that.  IWA also never reached that kind of average. Week 8 is a little too early to judge the overall audience or potential of the show. [can be said by RCW/ASWF also]  I plan to run a 12 week average look in a few weeks.  Then we will look at the next 12 weeks and at that point - they should be seeing an increase in ratings. The quarters did go up for the first few quarters and settle in for the 3rd and 4th.  I would consider the Brian C tag the ratings winner because he brought up the number and kept the audience throughout.

----CLICK HERE to read the TV Report by D-Rock and here are the quarter hours.

.2 [3229 viewers]
1st Quarter - ended after the first tag match

.6 [9717 viewers] [+6488 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - ended after the Brian C/Mercer/Jocephous interview

.8 [12956 viewers] [+3239 viewers]
3rd Quarter -ended after Brian C/Mercer beat up Jocephus

.8 [12956 viewers] [n/c]
4th Quarter


----All the original matches were real good here.  I do not watch the WWE stuff...Good tag to start the show.  Johnny Dotson looking good here.  All of them did a good job, but Brandon Baxter did A FANTASTIC job getting over Dotson and his size. This was the perfect way to get him over.  Boss Winters was good.  I have question though - why would Dotson/King want to join him when he just cost them a match?   He is still calling them "Rough and Ready" ...Rocky Johnson interview really made no sense - why would he have heat with Jerry Calhoun??  I see Johnson at Piggly Wiggly about once a week. LOL...Brian C interview with Mercer/Jocephous was real good.  I like him so much better as a heel.  The gimmick actually is ok with him as a heel.  He looked so small standing next to Jocephous and Mercer, but it was a good solid interview.  Funny when Mercer hit him. Surprised to see them turn on Jocephus. He makes a good heel.  I was told he has been working for 10 months and was trained by Dutch Mantell.  I have no idea where they are going with this, but wouldn't a Wolfe D/Brian C heel tag team be fun??...Wolfe was funny in his interview talking about JC Ice. Good solid match from them also...Funny stuff AGAIN with Baxter/Bert Prentice.  When Bert said he had the hots for the Ga Ga Girl, Baxter said maybe because she was a guy dressed like a girl. LOL  Bert also said, "Where had Buddy Wayne gone??" LOL...Mixed tag was bad when the girls were in.  It was ok at the end of the match, but had no psychology.  Also, should Yung just pop up and win the match after Kevin White hit her??...Jenkins acts like she has a crush on Lawler...I seen Eric Wayne's mom and Grady Watson in the crowd...They aired a Memphis Wrestling Academy [Kevin White school], instead of the Ken Wayne school this week.  I believe it was Maxx Corbin doing that commercial.  It looked good.  Hey, Lawler and I have something in common - we can work with both main wrestling schools in this area. LOL