Thursday, July 29, 2010


----Here is our second NEW DVD release for the week!!  Today we will be releasing shows 72 & 73.  Please CLICK HERE to order your copy today!! 
Cost is only $12.99 for a two hour disc. You can also buy these DVDs at NEW live events!

Episode 72: 1st Match: Gauntlet/U.S. Jr.: Rematch: Kevin Charles Vs Justin Smart (Justin Smart challenging)
                                                           2nd Match: Mike Anthony Vs Justin Smart
                                                           Contract Signing for Eric Young Vs Eric Wayne for U.S. Jr. Title (I don’t remember the date for the match in Hernando)
           3rd Match: 6 Man Tag: Mike Anthony & Shawn Reed & Alan Steele
                                                        Dan Matthews & Kid Nikels & Eric Wayne (Expiration of TV time/2 falls)
Episode 73: 1st Match: Double Jeopardy match for # 1 contender for the U.S. Jr. Title
            Kevin Charles Vs Justin Smart Vs Mike Anthony
                      2nd Match: Dan Matthews & Kevin Charles
                                              Alan Steele & Kid Nikels
                      3rd Match:                U.S. Jr. Title
                                           Austin Lane Vs Eric Wayne (c)