Monday, July 05, 2010

Next Week (Sunday) "Turnbuckle Madness" will feature none other then Former AWA,WWF, and USWA superstar Bull Pain

Turnbuckle Madness will be a weekly feature (every Sunday) as "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant was our first guest.

Next Sunday (7/11) will be none other then Bull Pain. Bull sits down with RRO and talks about his days in Verne Gagne's AWA where he worked as Rick Gantner, and as one half of The Texas Hangmen, USWA days, KAW, to his Memphis Championship Wrestling days to so much more.

We would like to invite everyone next Sunday as Bull basically tells it like it is. This will be Parental Advisory due to strong language.

In 2 weeks we will have Memphis Championship Wrestling's very own Tommy Mercer will be a guest.

If you would like to be a part of "Turnbuckle Madness" please contact Brian Tramel through the RRO website and leave a contact so Brian can pass it along to me, and I will put you down for a future date with "Turnbuckle Madness" - George
Also let me express we don't pay anyone to do interviews. If you charge for someone to do a piece on you (which I have never heard of before up until now) then you will not being doing a interview with RRO as it will be declined. I wanted to let this be known as I have two guys who felt like they was going to charge. We don't need any material bad enough to pay for it... Just goes to show how the business has changed and guys like this is what continues to hurt the business to gain a $1.
Turnbuckle Madness is a weekly feature on RRO and is hosted by George Wren. Wren sits down with some of the past as well as the future stars of the mat.