Sunday, July 04, 2010

IWA Championship Wrestling TV does not air; informericals airs in it's place:

IWA Championship Wrestling TV did not air on 7/3 (WPXX 50) informericals aired in it's place (Xpress Redi Set Go)

IWA did a .7 in the ratings (11337 viewers) for the 6/26 show

NOTE: In order to get the product out there and be successful in any kind of way you have to air at the timeslot. You can't run one week, and not run again for a month and expect to be on tv and have a fan base. Also in the guide for Direct tv it list Paid Programming this plays a major factor also if it's not listed then those not aware will not know the product is on the air. d
George Wren is a former pro wrestling photographer/Associate Editor for the defunct New Wave Wrestling Publication (circa 99-2003) and has added RRO to his list of accomplishments.