Sunday, July 11, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 07.10.10

1st Match: Handicap Tag Title Match
Demon X/Wild Bill (CCR) vs Rex Ellison
Winner: No Contest after Austin Lane and Casino Kid come to the aid of Rex

2nd Match: Tag Team Title Match
CCR vs Austin Lane/Casino Kid
Winner: Austin Lane and Casino Kid via pinfall.

3rd Match: One Fall
Enforcer(Sick Boy) vs Loose Cannon
Winner: The Enforcer was rehired prier to this match as Big Money’s (Co-Commissioner) personal body guard. Enforcer would take home the win via pinfall after delivering a shot to Loose Cannon with a baseball bat.

4th Match: One Fall
Plowboy Titan w/ Freezer Thompson vs Reggie Montgomery w/ Athena Eclipse
Winner: Plowboy Titan won by pinfall.

5th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/John Ellison vs Lethal Leprechauns
Winner: Lethal Leprechauns via double pin over Johnny Hawk. Hawk would be fired by T-Bone Terrence Ward after a vicious attack on the Leprechauns.

6th Match: Tag Team #1 Contenders Match for Euro Title
Rick Burton/Morgan Williams vs X-Kaliber/Christopher Lee vs Maxx Corbin/Chris Stryker
Winner: Morgan Williams via pinfall.

7th Match: X-Division Title Match
John Allen (Replacement for Mike Anthony) vs Seth Sabor
Winner: Seth Sabor via pinfall. Mike would attack Seth and later be fired by Commissioner T-Bone Terrence for his actions.

8th Match: ASWF Title Match
Brian Christopher vs Cody Murdoch
Winner: Brian Christopher would retain his title after a no contest was ruled by the referee. Cody would later be taken to an area hospital after suffering an injury to his knee.

Credit: T-Bone @
----This group is still not 100% up to the talent level it was during 2008 run for Promotion of the Year, but the best I can tell this group is back to drawing good crowds.  The fans seem to go home happy...I seen a Cody reference on several FB posts, so I am assuming it is for shoot.