Monday, July 26, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.24.10

----I would like to give David Walls and the whole ASWF crew a big "thumbs up" for their induction of Bobby Eaton into the ASWF Hall of Fame.  Bobby had not idea what they were going to do and Thompson kept it from him.  First class idea from ASWF to a first class guy in Bobby Eaton.  Eaton is a member of the RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame and 2009 Tag Team and MVP Team winner. Also, as I noted a few weeks back, this group is drawing good again and is the top drawing promotion in the area week after week.

Two hundred and fifty fans packed the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, AR for another action packed night of ASWF Wrestling.
First Match:  Hot Rod John Ellison defeated Sexy Rex via superkick.
Second Match:  Big Money Inc's Rik Burton defeated Big Indian Quiote.
Third Match:  Euro Champion Lee Michaels upset "New Nature Boy" Kevin White.
Fourth Match:  Giant Hillbilly defeated Plowboy Titan after Reggie Montgomery and White Chocolate attacked.
Fifth Match:  Big Money Frank Martin defeated Loose Cannon in a No DQ Match with help from Rik Burton and Enforcer.
Sixth Match:  X Division Champion Seth Sabor and the returning Mike Anthony defeated The Allen Brothers
Seventh Match: Austin Lane with Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated Casino with Big Money Frank Martin
Eighth Match: CCR (Demon X/Wild Bill) defeated Chris Stryker and Brian Christopher
July 31st- ASWF Wrestling Presents "Night Of The Birdman" featuring:  Koko B. Ware, Downtown Bruno, Hollywood Jimmy, Austin Lane, "Man Of A Thousand Arm Drags" L.T. Fauk, a Ladies Match, Brian Christopher, Chris Stryker, and many more.