Monday, July 26, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.24.10 - Seth Knight Wins Ultimate Title!!

----This show really comes off as professional and fun.  The booking so far looks top notch.  If all of this was done in a two and half hour time period, then they are establishing stuff real quick.  I would not push doing a super long show until you do a "big show."  If they can keep up with this pace, it should be interesting...Good pick with Seth Knight going over as Ultimate champion.  I don't like the idea of having two singles champions in such a small promotion, but apparently they are going to treat it like the #1 contender for EWE Title in the future...The angle with Jon Michael was good to put him on the sidelines.  I will have an interview posted with Michael early this week. 

EWE Ultimate started off with "The Golden Circle" and its host Greg Anthony! Greg Anthony came to the ring in his usual fashion happy as can be as last week he was crowned with controversy as the new EWE elite heavyweight champion for the 7th time! He played an interview from January 2010 that was filmed after he lost to none other than Christian Jacobs himself! In this video Greg Anthony stated that he would be back and walk through the doors of the EWE Elite arena and he would take back his Elite heavyweight championship.  Also that the ewe had not seen the last of him. After this video was shown, Greg Anthony reminded the people once again that he never lied to them and that he never cheated them out of anything! He also went on to state that Christian Jacobs Stole everything from him, from the position as a top star, to being the ewe champion! And that he got it all back last week! And he had one man to thank! KC Gold, then came to the ring! KC Gold who Greg Anthony gave praise to and thought was there for him was actually there for more news sent from the board of directors! The Golden Boy was then forced to wrestle one week after winning the title and it would be no small feet as he was set to wrestle MAXX Corbin! (Maxx Corbin highlight reel was then shown as Greg Anthony flipped out in the ring)

singles competition:
Christian Jacobs versus Brad Badd
Solid Back and forth bout showed that Christian Jacobs for the most part was still angry over what had happened last week! Brad Badd capitalized on the hot head of Christian Jacobs throughout the match but Christian Jacobs was just too much for Brad Badd on that night! With things goin in favor of Jacobs, Badd tried one last attempt to sucker Jacobs out with an eye rake but Jacobs shrugged it off and completely demolished Brad Badd with a Spear anyways! 123
winner of the match: Christian Jacobs

singles cometition:
Tommy Redneck versus Mark DeVonci
This was a match of one upsmanship as both men were trying to stoop to each others lows the entire match! In the end, Both men went down, Tommy Redneck would pull a chain back out and try to use it, the referee caught him with it as he was turned around, Mark DeVonci also pulled out an illegal object and blasted Redneck with it behind the refs back. 123!
winner of the match: Mark DeVonci

ultimate division match
Rockin Randy versus Blaine Devine
Very Good Match! Honestly one of the more solid matches Blaine has had! Randy really shined through in this match as well as both men with near fall attempts throughout the whole match! The pace picked up with Blaine actually standing tall, Blaine then would make an attempt to close in on the win with a really good comeback! As he seemed to have Randy Beat and was about to hook him for a finish, Mark DeVonci slid in the ring and right back out of the ring catching Blaines eye for a split second, as Blaine turned his head back to randy it was over as Randy laid in a huge super kick for the 123!
winner of the match: Rockin Randy

intermission break: noted that Maxx Corbin vs Greg Anthony was non title, and the main event is the finals for the EWE Ultimate Division Championship

Interview: KC Gold with two big announcements! KC Gold comes out and begins to make his announcements! The first was the Top Ten List with the board deciding on members from RCW and SAW that would be appearing in the near future on the top ten list for title contention matches and ewe title matches. Names like Alan Steele got good reactions, and suprisingly the loudest reaction was for NXN's Pokerface! after the revealing of the Top Ten List, KC Gold brought out Jon Michael Worthington: Worthington addressed the fans and made a point to say thank you to each fan each and every wrestler and family that sent out thoughts and prayers, and emails and texts and hopes and concerns! He thanked them for always being there for him and then made the announcement that the dr. had released him to drive and that he was also released to begin working out as well! After that KC  then announced that he was happy to see Jon Michael in better health which is why he wanted him out there because the board met up and thought it over and in the best interest of worthington's health, and the company, that effective immediately, from the active roster of EWE Jon Michael was Fired!, Jon Michael left, then came back to the ring and popped off on KC gold saying he didn't know saw, or rcw like him, that he didn't need help, or a hero, that he needs a savior and with the entire crowd saying it along with him that he will be back!

Non title Match Up:
"tgb" Greg Anthony versus MAXX Corbin
Greg Anthony seemed to really have no chance by just looking accross the ring at Maxx Corbin! Maxx Corbin has come A LOONNGG way from when he started and where he has came from! He dominated Greg Anthony when things were on an even playing field! Greg Anthony of course found a sleasey way of getting int control! But again, once things were back on an even playing feild, Maxx was all over the EWE elite champion!!! In the end, Golden Boy would win in true golden fashion by screwing Maxx Corbin out of the match! 123
winner of the mach: "tgb" Greg Anthony (c)

Corbin left arguing with the referee (in Stone Cold fashion) as they left Golden Boy would celebrate yet another win! But not for long! out comes Christian Jacobs to a huge pop! referees, KC Gold and all of security would get in front of CJ as he was trying to get to the champion! TGB then grabbed and mic and told CJ that he needs to quit being such a wuss and be a man and suck it up! CJ then peeled right through security and got in the ring and went to town on TGB! Golden Boy then got out of the ring by the concessions stand as security officials and KC gold talked CJ into going to the back. As the were all getting out with CJ he then turned with a clear view of Greg Anthony and ran and dove over the top rope onto Greg! CJ then dumped Greg into the concession stand and caught his breath, then when he went to grab Greg again over the counter, Greg Then through a coffee pot with HOT COFFEE into the eyes of Christian Jacobs! Jacobs went down quick and Golden Boy would then push Jacobs back into the ring, and wait and deliver a Golden Spear of his own! Leaving saying he will steal it all back!!!

Main Event: for the first ever Ultimate Division Championship!This match was long, but the crowd loved every minute of it!!!!
Seth Knight versus NXN's Rude
These guys really went to the ring to steal the show and thats exactly what they did! They capped off the show with the best match of the night and made the people leave happy! Rude used some questionable tactics but thats just the way it is with Rude! Solid Back and forth match, started out with pure wrestling! then broke down into move for move and punch for punch! The two came back and finished very very strong with 2 or 3 sequences of moves which would have been great finishes in there own rights! Finally after all the sweat and hard work, Rude would try one more time for his famous TKO and Seth would have his arm locked, floated over and out of the hold during the swing, wrapped the arm and stepped through with a great Sour Face Silencer to get the win! 123!
"Dynamite" Seth Knight
winner of the match and new Ultimate Division champion! Seth Knight!

(after the match: Rude eventually got up, and was going over to seth, seth then continued to celebrate as the referee got rude out of the ring! a couple other Ultimate Division wrestlers and a couple friends came to the ring with champeign to celebrate with Seth! Blaine Devine, Maxx Corbin, KC Gold, Rockin Randy, and Lil KoKo all got to Seth, KC Gold presented him the belt and the party was on as Seth Got Drenched in the liquid! Awesome cap off to a great match and the show really just escalated throughout the night!)

e.w.e. ultimate
notes: top ten List is changed out on the 15th of every month: The Ten Listed are wrestlers from RCW and SAW Nashville
EWE Elite Heavywieght Champion: "tgb" Greg Anthony
EWE Ultimate Division Champion: "dynomite" Seth Knight

Next Week: Ultimate Champion Must run the Ulimate Guantlet Challenge
Seth Knight versus Ace Hawkins, Jaysin Static, and Brandon Espinosa

The EWE Elite heavywieght champion Greg Anthony host a special Golden Circle with Blaine Devine

#1 contendership on the line: main event:
Christian Jacobs versus NXN's Rude