Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results 7.24.10

MACW started the show and said Alan Steele wasn't there.... Jeremy Moore's Dad and Rocker come out and Moore's dad says he has an opponent for Jeremy... Out comes Stan Lee
Moore tells Rocker that if he has to fight Stan Lee that he was gonna pick Rocker's opponent and Stan and everyone else will find out at the same time
Alan Walker and Cosmic Cowboy join Big Dave for commentary
First Match
Hardcore Yow vs Oz  (NBW High Risk Title match)
Oz wins with his feet on the ropes
Second Match
Supposed to be SoBs vs Shannon Lee and Tommy Redneck.  Justice isnt here so the match is Redneck vs Kid (the little sob)
Redneck wins
Afterwards he and Lee double teamed Kid until Big Red made the save.  Redneck and Lee say they are not NBW nor MACW they are for themselves.
Third Match
"MACW tag champs" Blaine Devine and Brad Badd vs Big Red and Weezy
Badd and Devine win after a belt shot in front of MACW ref Caleb
Fourth Match
Shannon Lee vs C Money
C Money wins
Fifth Match
Jeremy Moore vs Stan Lee
Devine and Badd were sent to the back by NBW ref Rufus before the match
they tried to interfere later in the match but Rocker and C Money chase them out of the building
Moore wins by hitting The RKO as Stan was coming off the ropes
Rocker comes out and waiting on his opponent. Music hits and out comes Tatt2
Sixth Match
Rocker vs Tatt2 (NBW title match)
End of match saw Tatt2 hit the 901 but MACW hit the ring.  Tatt2 turns on MACW
Next week match is made Tatt2 and Rocker vs two MACW guys
Crowd is really hot for the MACW NBW angle.   Crowd in Newbern hates Moore.
----I was surprised to see Stan Lee back at NBW, because the last time he left it was on bad terms...The roster has improved with Tatt2, Stan Lee and Chris Rocker.  This angle looks to be hot also.