Sunday, July 18, 2010

RassleResults: Prime-Time Wrestling Memphis, TN 7.16.10

Prime-Time Championship Wrestling

Show started with Reno Diamond/Rodney on the color commentary.

First match: Joey Blaze over Bishop Kage, Kage tries to set Blaze up to get disqualified by putting a chain in his pants and while the ref. was getting the chain out of the ring Kage goes for a
chair and tries to hit Blaze while the ref isn't looking and misses hits the rope and his plan backfires, Blaze roles him up for the win. Joey Blaze Winner

Second Match: Big V over Ace Hawkins, Hawkins had some good high-flying maneuvers going until he slips up and tries to springboard and gets caught in a choke slam to give V the win. Big V Winner

During intermission there was a Flash Fan in the crowd (Dylan Murry) and he was getting interviewed by Reno Diamond when Dustin Baker comes out and cuts the interview and pushes the Fan then calls out Alan Steele. Steels comes out and tell the Fan that his hero will be taken care of by him tonight. Then makes Dylan Flash's manager so he can see his Hero get beat up close.

Third match: NxN Rude/Pokerface over Chris Lexx/ Robert Devine, Devine Takes the heat then comes out of the heat to make the tag to Lexx then Lexx gives a good comeback then get cut off by Pokerface and Rude knocks Devine off the apron then NxN delivers the Naughty Drop (3D) for the win. NxN Winners

Forth Match: Ultimate X title Match: INKcredible Tatt2 over Brandon Espinosa to retain the Ultimate X title, Good high-flying from both guys in the beginning then Espinosa delivers a Samoa kick to Tatt2 sending him flying through the ropes to the floor. Tatt2 comes out of the heat with a series of flying forearms only to be cut off by Espinosa then Espinosa sends Tatt2 off the ropes Tatt2 holds drop toe hold to the rop 901 (619) then delivers the 450Tattoos for the win. Tatt2 Wins

Fifth Match: 1,000$ Battle Royal - Last 3 in the ring were Tatt2, Espinosa, and Don TaVious. While Tatt2 is trying to get Espinosa out TaVious dumps them both for the Win!

Sixth match: Antwane Wise over Danny B Good, Wise comes out and talks about his Wise congregation, then Danny B Good comes out and makes a match between the two. Danny misses Wise and connects with a shoulder to the post and Wise roles Danny up and puts his feet on the rope for the win. Wise Winner

Main Event: Flash Flanagan/w manager "Flash Fan" Dylan Murry over Alan Steel/w manager Dustin Baker, Hot match from start to finish, after Flash comes out the heat Baker tries to jump in the ring and jump Flash from behind, Flash turns around and Alan get on Flash then Baker/Alan put the boots to flash, then Dylan jumps in the right with the kindo stick and hits Alan but Alan catches the kindo and pushes Dylan down taking the kindo Baker then grabs flash from behind so Alan can hit him with the kindo but Flash moves and Alan hits Baker then Flash superkicks Alan and he goes to the floor then Dylan climbs to the top rope and Flash Launches Dylan on Baker for the win. Great Match!

80 to 100 in the crowd...This show had everything it needed - good workers to compensate the green guys, Good crowd which was hot from the first match to the last but the music was a bit off but the in ring action made up for that...Joey Blaze has a lot to learn but he works very well with Bishop but he has good ring presents, and Bishop seems to be improving also and learning to take more control of what he needs to do in the ring...First time seeing Ace Hawkins in action and I was impressed with his ability to fly but he has bad timing and should work on picking the right time to do certain things, hellifying choke slam from Big V...NxN is always fun to watch no matter who they are in the ring with, Pokerface is great and knows his stuff, his mind set on putting matches together is really good. Rude has the best 101 in the biz. Robert Devine hasn't been wrestling very long but if he gets on the right shows and get with the right people this kid could really be something special maybe the next Rookie of the Year for 2011. Chris Lexx was the glue to this match even though he was on the apron half the match he keep the people interested...Tatt2 has improved but has to work on alot of the small things but has gotten alot better with learning how to put matches in order. Brandon Espinosa is good with his grounds and technical wrestling style..Battle Royal had a couple new faces Rexx, Don Tavious they look as if they still have a lot to learn but were pretty descent in the ring they wrestle and moves like Tatt2..Antwane Wise comes off as a professional wrestler his gimmick serves him well...Flash and Alan are always fun to watch but I was a bit surprised when I saw Flash doing a lot of high-flying maneuvers with no problem at all. Flash is Great! Alan is Great! Their match seemed to be flawless. All in All everyone in attendance said it was the best show they had seen in a while big ups to all the guys on this show. Good show!