Sunday, July 11, 2010

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR Results Wrapup 6.12 to 6.26.10

Big Sam Lassister opens the show announcing that SWA will be getting a brand new commissioner. Sexy Sam comes out to apply for the job, but Big Sam refuses and has security take him to the back.
1. Big Al vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Wolf(Josh Cross cost Al the match)
SWA Champ, Big Dog Cujo comes out and comments on his SWA title match with "The One" Cody Only later tonight and Sexy Sam. Upon hearing these comments Sexy sends out the troops to attack Cujo. Cody Only makes the save. They end the segment with Cujo and Cody shaking hands and saying that it's going to be a FAIR match. They also set up that Glyn, Sexy Sam's assistant, would be the ref for the match and that TJ Wells would be the special enforcer.
2. Deadly Dale vs. TJ Wells
Winner: Deadly Dale
3. JR Special vs Ray Ray
Winner: Ray Ray
4. Idolbane vs Josh Cross
Winner Idolbane via count out. Idol went for the GOAK and Josh scooted, But Big Al was there to run cross back into the ring and into the awaiting Ghost of Andy Kaufman
5. SWA TITLE: "The One" Cody Only vs Big Dog Cujo
Winner & NEW SWA CHAMPION: "The One" Cody Only 

1. Eric Slade vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Mark Wolf
2. Big Dog Cujo vs Kid Krazzy
Winner: Cujo
3. IC Title Match: Big Al vs Josh Cross(champ)
Winner: Big Al via countout
4. Deadly Dale vs Ray Ray for the vacated US Championship
Winner: Ray Ray with a quick roll up
5. Tag Titles: Idolbane/TJ Wells vs Big Dog Cujo/JR Special
Winners Cujo/JR
6. SWA Title: Scott Fury vs "The One" Cody Only
Winner & still champion: Cody Only 

1. The Hambones(Ham-hock and Pedro) vs TJ Wells/Hardknox
Winners: TJ/Hardknox
2. Kid Krazzy vs Ray Ray vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Ray Ray
3. Big Al vs Scott Fury
Winner: Fury, when Cross interferes
4. Tag Titles: LSD(Deadly & Idol) Vs Big Dog Cujo/JR Special
Winners Cujo/JR by DQ when Idol hit Cujo with Cujo's chain.
5. SWA Title: Tommy Drama vs Cody Only
Winner: Cody Only
6. IC Title: Josh Cross vs The Returning...ACID
Winner & New Champion: ACID