Thursday, July 01, 2010

RRO Welcomes George Wren !!

----For those wondered, "who the hell is that?" on Saturday when George posted his Memphis and IWA reports, then here is an introduction to our newest staff member - George Wren. George will be filing the Memphis and IWA reports every week and has a bunch of ideas for new stuff to add to the site.  I am excited to have him on board!!  
97-98 - Worked as a referee for AWA in Brighton, TN (with the likes of Moondog Spot, Jimmy Valiant, ), would go on to work for the former Rock N Roll Rpm Tommy Lane's Southeastern Championship Wrestling (throught out West Tennessee with the likes of Tommy Lane, Bull Pain, Jimmy Valiant, David Haskins, Headbanger Mosh), would go on to work for Moondog Spot's Moondog Championship Wrestling) doing a heel type gay gimmick known as Gorgeous George Jr.... George quickly grew fustrated on the outlaw scene (or most call it the independent scene) and quit the wrestling business. George has also been a correspondent many times for Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, and Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch on tv reports and arena  reports on the following (USWA, Power Pro Wrestling, WCW Saturday Night, WWF Sunday Night Heat, and now Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling, & IWA TV)
June 99-April 2003 Worked for New Wave Wrestling Magazine as a photographer/Associate Editor. Left New Wave in 2003 after not being happy over how operations was going.. New Wave would soon ceased operations in November 2003... Also did four magazines on Toxxic (was was a color magazine of New Wave).. Had the privilege to work with alot of great talent including the WWE developmental talent. Also had the privilege to work aside "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, The late "Slick" Robbie D., The late Steve Bradley, Downtown Bruno(who I give many thanks to as far as helping me in the buildings which btw I put him in one of the Toxxic mags), "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, "The Female Fantasy" Brandon Baxter(who I give many thanks to), I also want to give many thanks to these guys as well David Millican for giving me my first break into the business, Michael O' Hara for allowing me to work along side of him with New Wave, Michael Greenblatt for letting me come aboard when they was facing hardship with the publication, Dave Meltzer for allowing me to send in tv reports in from the past, Wade Keller for allowing me to send in arena reports to the weekly "dirt sheet" known as The Pro Wrestling Torch... NOTE FROM GEORGE: I have certainly did what so many only dream of and was blessed by my talent of doing it. I have no intensions of ever getting back into the business as a whole, and many thanks to everyone.
Oct.2001-Dec.2001 - Worked for Mike Greenblatt's Wrestling World Magazine (and worked with them for the last 3 mons. in business) ... Wrestling World ceased publications in late 2000 after running into deep finance problems.
2004- Had talks with Country Weekly magazine, and sent in a portfolio of all my work and was interested but at the time didn't have anything open.... NOTE FROM GEORGE: If I ever get back into the media then I am leaning and striving to work with Country Weekly Magazine. They have a nice layout of the magazine.
August 2009 - Negoiated with MMA Ultimate Publication (Magazine) buth both parties could not come to an agreement.
December 2009 - Negoiated with UFC Publication (Magazine) but George declined their offer when was put on the table.
June 2010 - Weekly correspondent for Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer ( ) and was contacted by Brian Tramel on if I would be a weekly correspondent for his site Rasslin Riot ( where I do both Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling and the IWA TV reports on both shows.