Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Showtime All Star Wrestling TV Report Episode 134 by Larry Goodman

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 134
Airing on June 19, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped April 17, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards

LAST WEEK…Derrick King issued a challenge to Wolfie D and beat him with the help of Sista O’Feelyah’s boot…Jon Michael Worthington got a win when his opponent, Ryan Genesis was speared by Worthington’s unidentified accomplice (Christian Jacobs)…Kash attacked Chase Stevens during his interview…Stevens cut a promo offering to put the SAW International Title on the line against Kash this week.

Michael Graham all by his lonesome welcomed us to Buffalo Billiards. Kash gets his title rematch with Stevens in our main event.

1 – J-ROD & CODY MELTON vs. PICTURE PERFECT (Jon Michael Worthington  Christian Jacobs)

Jacobs was said to be Worthington’s blueblood cousin from Brentwood. Melton was using his speed to good advantage, so Worthington reared back and punched him in the face. Nice. Jacobs tagged in. The guy has developed a physique. The babyfaces worked Jacobs’ arm, until he planted J-Rod with a sitout spinebuster. Worthington busted out the high impact attack on him. J-Rod eventually DDTed Worthington when he telegraphed a backdrop. Tag was made but Picture Perfect wasn’t into selling long or larger for Melton. Jacobs pinned him after a sky high double uranage.

WINNER: Picture Perfect in 5 minutes. An impressive debut. Picture Perfect came across like a top notch tag team.

Big time SAW wrestling comes to the Gallatin Civic Center on July 24. Marc Anthony vs. Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews plus SAW International Champion Chase Stevens, Derrick King, Jesse Emerson, Drew Haskins and the debut of NWA National Champion “Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter. Bell time is 7pm. Tickets available at the Civic Center box office.

We see water droplets raining into a dark pool.

I once heard a story of a father and his love. He made the rain come down for 40 day and nights from the heavens above. He cleansed this earth of all his wicked children.

The camera pulls back to reveal the pool as Marc Anthony’s army helmet. The water is dripping from a shower head above. Anthony is standing in the shower stall staring into the helmet. His cammies are drenched to the skin. His soliloquy is punctuated by the occasional burst of crazy laughter.

Hammerjack, oh Hammerjack when will you learn? I was sent here to cleanse you from this earth. It will not stop. It shall never end until you pay for all your sins. Whether it be today, or tomorrow. I will have what I’m here for, and that’s all your pain and sorrow.

“Bond Girl” Leah Hulan looked simply marvelous as she introduced her agent of the week,
Tommy Redden. Leah was surprised to learn Tommy had been with Grumpy’s for 5 years. “Where does time go when you’re having fun?” Leah said. Leah said being a bail bondsman is a lifestyle and asked Tommy what he liked about it He said it was something different every day. Leah compared it to rolling the dice at the casinos in Tunica. Leah then asked Tommy what he didn’t like about the business. She warned him that she had her Taser nearby. Tommy said the 24/7 nature of the job. She said if you jumped bond on Grumpy’s, it was going to be like Anthony on Hammerjack.

Graham set up prematch comments from Kash and Stevens. He plugged Gallatin.

Kash was interviewed by Steve Hall. This was equal parts intimidation and disrespect and both maxed out to a ridiculous degree. Kash’s message was simple - no justice, no peace until he got his title shot. Kash said that because of Reno, he had taken out jabronis that would probably never wrestle again (well, they just did).

There’s a brick, a 2 X 4, a beer bottle with your name on it. Maybe even a switchblade. I’ll stab right upside your guts, boy, and drain you of everything inside you.

Kash extended his threat to the entire SAW roster including the interviewer. Kash said there were two types of people in wrestling, wannabes and those that had done it all. He ran down his list of major titles including the “TNA piece of bleep company X Division Champion”. Kash said he had never heard of Stevens during a career that spanned 20 years and that made him a wannabe. Kash said he held the SAW title for over a year and took it around the world. “Chase Stevens, where did you take it? Murfreesboro?” Kash said the little piece he got last week wasn’t enough time, but he was glad they broke it up, because it saved more of Stevens’ ass for him to take out. Kash concluded the interview by decking Hall.

Stevens cut one of the longest promo in SAW history, like eight minutes. Stevens said he knew Kash was a dangerous man, but he was also one that liked to fight. Stevens said he had been in many tight spots in bad places. Stevens said a fun night out for him was fighting. He told a story about teaming up with James Storm to whip three guys in a bar fight at Tootsie’s in Nashville. Stevens said he looked forward at stepping into the ring with Kash and called him a coward for attacking from behind. Stevens said Kash had the classic little man syndrome. He accused Kash of using every excuse known to man to hold onto the title. “We’re going to entertain the crowd, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it, because come this week, I’m going to shut your mouth for the very last time.”

Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week – Courtney Michelle Cortinas. Leah laid a whopper of a guilt trip on the young woman about jumping bail after all the help she had given her. “She got a very big heart, but she’s just very, very misguided right now.”

2 – SAW International Title Match: Champion CHASE STEVENS vs. KID KASH

The early minutes was all stalling and mind games on the part of Kash. Stevens came out on top of a rapid fire exchange of armbars. They went hold for hold on the mat. Kash escaped to the corner and claimed his tights were being pulled. More stalling ensued with Stevens showing no inclination to press the pace. Graham announced PG-13 defending the tag titles vs. Derrick King Enterprises for next week. Kash offered a test of strength; Stevens put him in an elevated armbar. Kash jumped to the outside and back inside to gain a short-lived advantage. Stevens responded with a backdrop that Kash took squarely on his tailbone. Kash stunned Stevens with a drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle, but it was the stomp to the groin that really did the trick. Kash was merciless in his attack on Stevens’ neck. Graham said it hadn’t been the same since Stevens went off the balcony at the Fairgrounds. Kash stunned Stevens with a low dropkick and switched to a cross armbreaker submission. Stevens was immediately into the ropes. Kash took the five count right to the limit. Stevens landed a couple of shots, so Kash thumbed him in the eye. Kash draped Stevens over the middle rope and delivered a series of crossface forearms. At this point, Kash was expending more energy baiting the fans than he was working over Stevens. Kash hit a backbreaker and covered without hooking the leg. Kash sat on the top turnbuckle for an eternity before jumping off into Stevens’ boot. Stevens made the full-fledged fists of fire comeback. A haymaker put Kash down for a 2 and ½ count. Kash ran into a Stevens powerslam. Stevens tried for a frogsplash, but Kash got his knees up. Stevens recovered to hit the fisherman suplex, and Kash hooked the bottom rope with his foot. Kash caught Stevens with a bigtime hotshot. Senior Official Mark Herron made a three count when Stevens clearly had his foot on the bottom rope. Graham announced Kash as the new champion.

WINNER: Inconclusive finish in 12:15. Pretty good action once they finally got down to it. The hotshot looked great. Not what you would call an electric atmosphere for a big title match.

Riggins jumped in and yanked the belt out of Kash’s hands. Kash nailed Reno with a wicked looking forearm shot. Reno bumped like he had been shot. Kash applied the ankle lock. Chaos reigned. Stevens stomped Kash to make him break the hold. Kash got into more crap with the fans. The refs helped Reno hobble toward the locker room.

COMMENTS: The great news about SAW is that they have two guys on their roster that are so completely nuts that there is no disbelief to suspend. In an era when I guy is banished from the big time for choking an announcer with his tie, Kid Kash has no problem threatening to gut the promoter with a switchblade. Anthony talks to people that aren’t there. The not so great news: for the third week in a row, there was little to get excited about in terms of bell-to-bell action. This was the last episodes culled from SAW’s final taping prior to the flood. They were stretching to get three episodes out of that taping. The last forty minutes of this episode were devoted to the title match. It was reminiscent of SAW’s early days when the big match ends up not doing justice to the hype. It wasn’t bad, it was nothing special, and by all rights, their second meeting should have been much more than backdrop to an angle. The vignette with Anthony was gold -- creative production on a shoestring budget and another great performance – indie art at its best. What kind of mind(s) come up with Noah’s ark as a metaphor for Anthony’s twisted motives? Kash is taking this business with Reno to the extreme. Punching out announcers and attempting to cripple the promoter are to be expected, but draining the guy with a switchblade? If Kash wasn’t such a credible lunatic, it could never work. But he is. So it does. As much as I’m enjoying the sickness of the angle, and as much as they’ve tried to join Stevens and Riggins at the hip, Stevens and the SAW title have become secondary. Good or bad, it’s too early to judge. Just saying. And what’s up with Arrick Andrews? He was being pushed as THE GUY deprived of his title shot, and he was nowhere to be found. At this point, the SAW champion is the number four storyline, behind Reno/Kash, Anthony/Hammerjack and DKE/PG-13. Only the very best promo guys can sustain an eight minute solo segment and make it riveting television. Stevens isn’t one of them. I think he’s more effective on the mic in small fiery doses, like the promo he did the previous week. In three years, SAW is yet to be blessed with a great talker among their top babyfaces. The net effect this week was similar to the last two episodes: some epic moments but nothing in the way of a first rate wrestling match.