Monday, July 12, 2010

Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Review for 6/26 by Larry Goodman

Airing on June 26, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped June 19, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards

LAST WEEK…The rematch between SAW International Champion Chase Stevens and Kid Kash ends with Kash getting a three count while Stevens’ foot was on the bottom rope. SAW owner Reno Riggins jumped in to reverse the decision. Kash decked Reno and put him in ankle lock or some such.

Cut to “Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins in the bathroom at Buffalo Billiards as he tried to wash the big black X off his hand. Haskins took umbrage to club owner Greg Morris’ attempt to brand him as being underage.

Are you afraid I’m going to come in here and steal all the ladies? Well, you better be, because everyone from ages 21 to 101, they all want to jump on the Drew Crew…I’m in your house and I’m redesigning it.

Haskins broke into a delusional rant exposing his jealous rage towards
Justin Bieber. “It’s my singing, my dancing, my wrestling, my hair, the ladies. I get more pokes than you do on Facebook.”

Roll opening montage…

Cut to Riggins and Steve Hall at ringside. It is CMA Fest 2010. Reno is holding the tag team title belts. Out comes Derrick King Enterprises in full effect (King, Haskins, Johnny Bandana, Sista O’Feelyah and Half Dolla). King said Jamie Dundee was MIA. “Lord knows what he’s doing right about now.” King said that made DKE the new tag team champions by default. Riggins said things weren’t done that way in SAW. At that point, Wolfie D attacked the whole lot of them. Wolfie held his own for a bit, but DKE used the numbers game to take him down, and the beatdown was on, until Vordell Walker hit the ring. Walker and Wolfie took it to DKE 2 against 3. Announcer Dan Masters called it a complete cluster. They brawled to the back.

Commercial break - Big time SAW wrestling comes to the Gallatin Civic Center on July 24. Marc Anthony vs. Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews plus SAW International Champion Chase Stevens, Derrick King, Jesse Emerson, Drew Haskins and the debut of NWA National Champion “Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter. Bell time is 7pm. Tickets available at the Civic Center box office.

Walker and Bandana brawled their way back into the ring with Walker in full control. The announce team of Riggins and Masters wasn’t sure if it was a match or what.


Walker hit an overhead belly to belly suplex on Bandana. Referee Joe Williams appeared and we had a match. Bandana caught Walker coming in. Reno said Walker was momentarily distracted by the fan they call Billy West Nashville. Walker came right back witht a wheelbarrow suplex. Walker polished Bandana off with the Savannah Slam (wind up uranage out of a powerslam) .

WINNER: Walker in 1:16. Squash city.

Wolfie, Haskins and King came out to battle at ringside, and the situation morphed into a pull apart brawl.

“Bond Girl” Leah Hulan introduced Martin Rosa as Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Agent of the Week. Rosa has been doing fugitive recovery and bail bonding with Grumpy’s for over 6 years. We learned that Rosa went to high school with SAW star Rick Santel.

Commissioner Freddie Morton addressed the situation with the Tag Team Championship. Morton said Dundee was attacked before a title defense last week in Cedar Ridge, In (In the grand tradition pro wrestling, this was not only a fictitious match but it took place in a non-existent town). Morton said that since Dundee was unable to compete tonight, he had no choice but to strip the titles due to the 30 day rule. Morton made a title match in two weeks – DKE vs. Wolfie and partner of his choosing. Morton said he would be back later to address the issues with Kid Kash.

Cut to Wolfie being interviewed by Hall and he was heated. Wolfie said he had a partner of his choosing for the last 20 years, and the only reason he needed a new one was because DKE did something dastardly to JC Ice. Vordell Walker offered his services, pointing out his history with DKE and how Wolfie had been there to help him out. Wolfie said that was fine, but he wanted somebody tonight.


The announce team jumped the gun on Morton’s announcement, as Masters revealed that Kash had been suspended for 30 days and fined $5000. Reno said he didn’t want the suspension, because he preferred to settle his difference with Kash in the ring or in the street. After an early flurry by Andrews, Magnum ran off a series of near falls with a pumphandle slam, a fist drop and a spinning back elbow. Masters called him JP Power. Andrews fired up a comeback capped off with a spinning heel kick. Andrews caught Magnum with the dragon sleeper and sent him to slumber

WINNER: Andrews via submission in 3 minutes. Andrews looked sharper than last time out, especially on his comeback. I think one near fall would have sufficed for an unknown against a guy being pushed as a top contender.

Morton announced his decision to suspend Kash for 30 days. They flew in clips of Kash’s attacks on Reno. Morton noted that Riggins and Stevens opposed the suspension.

EARLIER TODAY…Stevens said a suspension wouldn’t stop an egotistical maniac like Kash. “The only thing to shut his mouth is to beat him. Not just 1-2-3 but beat him.” Stevens vowed to get the opportunity to do just that. Stevens said Kash robbed Andrews’ of his title shot, and gave him (Stevens) the opportunity of a lifetime. Stevens said that in his book, Andrews was first in line for a title shot. Stevens challenged Andrews to match at Bufffalo Billiards next week.

Morton cut to Andrews in the locker room. He gladly accepted the challenge from Stevens. “You better call a friend and tell a neighbor,” Morton said.

3 --PICTURE PERFECT (Jon Michael Worthington & Christian Jacobs) vs. JESSE EMERSON & CODY MELTON

The babyface team worked the arm of Jacobs, then nailed him with a double dropkick for a two count. Worthington made a blind tag and dropped Melton in his track with a lariat. The blueblood cousins worked Melton over. Emerson had to jump in a couple of times to break up pin attempts. Melton hit a high crossbody and failed to tag, although he was just a couple of feet from his partner. Jacobs cut him off with a lariat. (commercial break) Jacobs missed a Stinger Splash and it was both men tagging. Emerson cleaned house. He hit a double underhook suplex on Jacob and went after Worthington (the legal man), who promptly snapped his neck snapped off the top rope. Worthington pinned Emerson after a Picture Perfect neckbreaker/powerbomb combo.

WINNERS: Picture Perfect in 4:18. Another good showcase for Picture Perfect.

Hall hyped the Gallatin show now known as “Slamboree 2010” featuring hometown boy Andrews taking on “Maniac” Marc Anthony.

Leah introduced Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week - Reginald Lamar Clark.

The camera panned the interior of a building in ruins. We heard Anthony’s voice. He was still fixated on the Noah’s Ark metaphor. The camera found him amidst the rubble wearing his army helmet.

As the building crumbled around, 43,000 women and children took their last breath. And as I hear their cries, and go through time, I can do nothing but praise their great leader for the commitment HE BROUGHT TO THE FIGHT. Hammerjack, it’s like the commitment between a husband and wife. And soon til death do us part will be a major vow in this fight.

Anthony yelped his tormented battle cry. The screen went black.

4-- WOLFIE D vs. “Teen Excitement” DREW HASKINS (with Derrick King & Johnny Bandana & Sista O’Feelyah & Half Dolla)

Wolfie had to fight his way through King and Bandana to get into the ring. He started bouncing Haskins around. Wolfie backdropped Haskins over the top onto King and Bandana. Back inside, Haskins was a bumping machine. Bandana and King jumped up on the apron. Wolfie knocked them down. But Haskins capitalized by smashing a can of Red Bull in Wolfie’s face. Wolfie kicked out at 2 and ¾. Haskins dumped Wolfie out so King and Bandana could put the boots to him. Walker showed up to drive them off. As Walker Masters talked about how Wolfie and Walker hung out together. Reno said they had the same barber as well. Haskins choked Wolfie with his wrist tape and hit a Rude Awakening. Wolfie kicked out of three pin attempts. Haskins pouted. Bandana and O’Feelyah took some cheap shots from the outside (commercial break) Haskin applied a maniacal fishhook camel clutch. When Haskins tossed Wolfie out to his posse, Masters asked why is running buddy wasn’t over there helping Wolfie out. Haskins took a big flying miss in the corner, and while Walker was distracting the ref, Wolfie crowned Haskins with the hubcab for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Wolfie D in 7:05. Fun match and nice boost for Wolfie. Strong babyface sympathy factor, as even with Walker out there, the odds were against them, and he came across like a world beater.on offense. I liked irony of DKE being beaten at their own game. And the Red Bull spot was great.

COMMENTS: It felt like SAW got back on track with this first post-flood episode. The show flowed better and had more meat to it., and they set up title matches for the next two weeks. Last week, I said SAW had two of the craziest characters in wrestling. Make that three. Haskins has gone completely delusional. The gimmick is outlandish, stupid at times and often hilarious. The pandemonium in the opening minutes was a good attention grabber. The appearance by long lost Commissioner Morton served to reel in the chaotic, lawless nature of recent weeks. They had to sanction Kash, and the thing with the tag titles was getting ridiculous. PG-13 hadn’t defended since the last Fairgrounds event, which was over 3 months ago. I popped for the fictitious title defense in Cedar Ridge. Stevens promo was much better than last week. He got his message across in a direct, earnest manner befitting the champion. Anthony’s video was terrific again this week and was shot in another awesomely atmospheric location. The originality these segments demonstrate is a lost in art in the age of endless backstage vignettes. The main event felt worked on several levels. Creative had their work cut for them with Ice not being there, and they made the best of it with Walker. The commentary was done live to tape, which is always a plus. Masters replaced Graham and Reno was back. Good thing. Masters is a smooth talker and he was strong on storyline points, but he’s not a play-by-play guy by nature, and Reno picked up the slack. This was better than any of the episodes from the previous taping.