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Turnbuckle Madness - Bull Pain - by George Wren Part 2

----I got some good response from part 1 that we posted yesterday.  I enjoy the interview a lot.  Bull has an unique look on the business.  If you have not read Part 1, then CLICK HERE

"Turnbuckle Madness"
with George Wren
Bull Pain - Part 2

Warning: Explicit Language

GW: Your thoughts on the following on the following?
BP: Verne Gagne - A very fair man. also very tough in his day.

Jerry Lawler -A great professional, you have to admire what he has achieved in the business and in his hometown of Memphis Tennessee.
Brian Christopher - 
A great guy to me at least that has had many chances but just has shit canned it.
Todd Morton - a great partner and friend, you can always count on him to have your back, plus a funny as hell to be around.
Eric Fontaine - Eric Fontaine was a good guy and a friend of mine. sadly enough he was killed in a horrible car wreck. I was told in fact it was so bad I understand that he was actually decapitated. I first met Eric in Minnesota working for Verne Gagne. Bert Prentice brought him along and he was basically just staring out in the business. Over the years we crossed paths many times in fact we actually traveled together on occasion. He was a good guy and a very misunderstood individual who really had a good heart it was just sometimes his company he kept that held him back I think, you know guilt by association. The lasr time I saw was in Memphis, Tennessee and he was taking a break from wrestling, and working as a school teacher. It it a sad ending to a decent guy. I hope he rests in peace and looks down at us and smiles from the good memories.

GW: Do you feel alot of talent is held back because of who they know and not what they can do in the ring?
BP: I personally feel that the business has gotten so political now that if you don't
know somebody anymore or have a connection it doesn't matter how good you are at all. It totally and truly matters on who you know and what you will do to get there.

GW: What makes a worker successful in this day and time as far as the wrestling business goes?
BP: What makes a guy successful in this day and age is to remove his brain and just become a yes man do whatever you are told to do ,no matter how ridiculous it is! Don't dare try anything that they don't tell you to do!! You have to be a robot now and just do as your told. No inventive ideas and nothing that sets you apart from the rest. In other words you are basically just a trained monkey on a leash following orders from the back, never complain and basically buy lots of chapstick because you will have to kiss alot of ass to keep your job!!!!!

GW: Do you have any regrets on your career?
BP: I have no regrets in my career except for a few bad decisions I made and that was ever meeting my ex wife Samantha.

GW: Who was some of your toughest opponents?
BP: Back in the day guys were tough. There aren't any tough guys left now days if you chop someone too hard they cry like a little girl. But if you see my list above those guys were tough especially a few of them. Haku, Billy Jack Haynes, Stan Hanson, King King Bordy, Masked Superstar ( Bill Eadie), The Barbarian, now those guys were tough!!!

GW: What made you become a professional wrestler?
BP: To become a pro wrestler you have to love the business as a kid. My dad took me to the matches, I watched it on t.v. I plainly just always wanted to be one ever since I was a young boy.

GW: Have you worked under any other names besides Bull Pain or Psycho (one half of The Texas Hangmen)?
BP: Yes, I have been Ricky "Wildfire" Golden, Rick Gantner, The Jester in japan under a hood.

GW: Is there anything you would like to accomplish in the wrestling business that you haven't?
BP: Well I would like to make some real money that would be nice!!! (LOL!)

GW: You have competed in hardcore matches throughout your career. Would you prefer the hardcore or just the regular style?
BP: No, hardcore is a different avenue to get booked. It is a skill to have that sets you apart from alot of other guys. But to do it all the time I think would be a very dangerous avenue to pursue. I truly love to wrestle and if it gets a little rough I like that too.

GW: Are you married?
BP: Yes, I am married to a wonderful woman. She puts up with me and I think that is really AWESOME!!!!!

GW: What does your family and friends think of your wrestling career?
BP: My friends love it, my family hates it because of the many many injuries I have sustained. It is a hard thing I am sure to watch me bleed, and get stitches, and to hobble around for days on end because of a brutal match or tour!!!

GW: What is the worst part about the business?
BP: The worst part about the business is the politics, and the ass clown promoters, that seem to think that wrestlers don't need to be paid fairly. There are many promoters today that think this is an easy job. Well all I have to say to the fucktards is get in the ring and see how easy it is!! You panty waste bitches!!!!

GW: What is the best part about the business?
BP: Unfortunately the best part of the wrestling business is just about gone. I love the comradary that we used to have, and the fun road trips,of course the worldly travel. It is sad most of these things are now things of the past.

GW: As far as the product of today who do you see is the new breakout star?
BP: I think the new break out star is a few people really. I like Chris Hero, Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, there really are a few good guys out there but will they ever get the chance? I have no clue.

GW: Do you watch WWE or TNA on a weekly basis to see what's going on?
BP: I watch way more matches on you tube than I ever watch on t.v. I personally don't really like the product that is out there right now.

GW: What advise would you give to any aspiring wrestler?
BP: Advice I have to anyone wanting to be a wrestler is get a real job!! Wrestling can end for you tomorrow. Always have something you can fall back on don't depend on wrestling to pay your bills because every time you do you will get screwed!! I promise you that.

GW: What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
BP: If I could change anything about myself. Maybe to be a better business man, to make better decisions. I have hurt my career many times over because I have a conscience, I was loyal to a promotion or trying to be good business, and never try and no show a company. When I get a booking and say yes! It is my word. So I will be there even if a better opportunity comes along. This has hurt me many times but if you don't have your word and your integrity as a man then what do you really have? I can get up in the mornings and look in the mirror and not be ashamed at who i see. Unfortunately my parents taught me to be honest and trustworthy and in this business it can really hurt you.

GW: If you would have not chosen professional wrestling what would you be doing today?
BP: Well I can probably say I would have done something in child care or the medical field. In fact in the fall I am going back to school I think to finish my nursing degree.

GW: Favorite music?
BP: I am lucky enough to work in a concert hall and I am exposed to all genres of music. So basically I love it all. But I do prefer metal over anything and of course the 80's.

GW: Favorite food?
BP: My favorite food is probably Italian, and anything sweet I love cakes, pies, and cookies. That is why i have such a nice shapely girlish figure (LOL!)

GW: Do you feel "color" (a.k.a. juice) is not over like it used to be say like it was in the 80's?
BP: I feel color is a great tool if used properly. It is supposed to shock the crowd and get them excited. But when every match has it or it is done for no reason than to me it is a waste of time and very silly.

GW: When your away from the ring how do you spend your time relaxing?
BP: When I relax I love to work out, watch movies, love spending time with my dogs, and spending time with my family.

GW: Many that has been around you in the ring and out say your persona is a cool like dude. What are your feelings on that?
BP: I am honored to hear that people enjoy spending time with me. I am a very straight forward guy, and I say whats on my mind. I would much rather be like that than a guy who just tells you what you want to hear. I really and truthfully try to treat people like I want to be treated. So if you like that then hey its all good!

GW: What are your thoughts on Jerry Lawler's new creation Memphis Championship Wrestling (the second version)?
BP: Was not aware of Memphis getting some new life in it.

GW: Would you ever consider coming back to Memphis if there was actually a product to come back to?
BP: Yes, of course I would go back if the situation was right and I could trust the promoter.

GW: Would you prefer working as a "baby" or "heel"?
BP: I am a heel by nature so I think Bull Pain should always be a heel. I have tried both ways but I really don't feel comfortable as a baby.

GW: Is there anyone in the business that you just can't stand as a whole?
BP: Yes, I truly and whole halfheartedly hate!!!! Diamond Dallas Page and the Sandman!! Two of the biggest ass clowns that were ever in the business!!!!!!

GW: Have you ever thought about starting your own promotion?
BP: Starting my own promotion would be awesome!! But I am not too sure alot of guys would like to work for me because I have always every night given 100% and then some. Lots of guys are lazy and I would let them know about it. It is unfair to the fans who bought a ticket and it is unfair to the guys who work there ass off every night. but yes if I had the proper backers and situation I would love it!!!

GW: Have you ever been stiffed on a pay off?
BP: If you are a wrestler you have been "stiffed" on a pay off it is a very unfortunate part of the business. But I can usually get my money. I can be very persuasive if I have to be.

GW: Anyone starting up a promotion what do you feel like needs to be needed for a promotion to be successful?
BP: To be successful in a promotion you have to have money backers that's the bottom line if you think you can do it on your own your an idiot!!

GW: What do you feel like has killed the business to an extent as far as attendance, and "kayfabe" goes?
BP: I am old school and believe the business should be protected at all costs!!!! The business has been killed by many things. Untrained wrestlers for starters, fly by night promotions, wrestlers getting on the net and telling people how phoney it is. Basically it has been destroyed by people who are idiots and can't make it in the business have no pride for themselves and couldn't make it so they blame the business instead of realizing they were just crappy wrestlers and couldn't hang!! It's all sour grapes in my book, because if you truly loved the business you would have enough pride to do it the proper way!! and not cry like a little bitch because it didn't go the way you wanted it too. LOSERS!!!!!!

GW: Who influenced you?
BP: There are a few guys who I really tried to emulate Bret Hart, Arn Anderson, Curt Hennig and Barry Windham when he was a Horseman.

GW: How long did you work for the World Wrestling Federation?
BP: I actually worked for quite a while for the WWF of course it was at different times. I worked as Rick Gantner for them alot then I worked as Bull Pain here and there in their developmental and dark matches.

GW: How was the locker room?
BP: The locker room in the 80's was awesome. We had a blast and I really enjoyed being there.When your under developmental everybody fears for there jobs. No one has fun, you are under a microscope the entire time you are there and everything you say and do is under constant security. Whatever you say will be twisted somehow so it turns out to be bad. Most of the guys I know are miserable and really hate it. It is very cut throat and not a pleasant environment to be in.

GW: Would you ever consider working for WWE or TNA?
BP: Of course I would work for WWE or TNA but I really don't think I would last. The first time they asked me to do something stupid, or something that I know was wrong I would tell them about it and I would get fired. These companies don't like to hear no or that idea makes no sense nothing is up for debate. You either do as they want or you are gone. So I really don't think I would have a future there. But HELL YEAH!! I would try to make it why not!!

GW: What are your future plans?
BP: My future plans is to continue working and enjoying the business. Once it becomes no more fun or I feel I can not perform the way I want to anymore, than I will move on and be happy with what I have done in my career and move forward into another chapter in my life.

GW: Any closing words?
BP: I want to thank everyone who has ever spent a dime to see me. If it wasn't for you great people I wouldn't have been able to chase my dream. You will never know how much all you wonderful people actually mean to me it has been my honor to entertain you, and I hope I can still do it for a little while longer. You people make it worth all the bumps and bruises and the many hard times I have had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you all. For all the punks, and smart asses out there that can only make fun of the business and heckle it, and call it fake. All I can say is "Come on in the ring I would love to give you a lesson in pro wrestling. and when I stomp your panty waste bitch ass into the mat, and they cart you off in an ambulance then lets see if you call it fake"!!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!

GW: Bull on behalf of myself and Rasslin Riot I woud like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us and to let the viewers in on your career, and best of luck.
BP: Thank You Brother!

photo credit: Mike Miller