Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Jon Michael

----After reporting of a seizure on July 14, 2010, Jon Michael sit down via Facebook with RRO for Wednesday Conversation.

----Ok, first of all Jon Michael, give us an update on your health.

I had a doctor follow up last Wednesday. I am cleared to drive. I can not wrestle at this moment. The doctor said that it will take some time for me to rebuild strength, stamina, and my system back up but that with time I should recoup! I was told that the ruling of a seizure was probably a wrong ruling. He said that what I had was a very serious severe chemical reaction to things I was putting into my body. The mix of coffee, workout supplements, and energy drinks ended up being too much for my body to process. It shut me down, put my body into shock and convulsions and was a very bad reaction! Worse than a seizure because I was conscious it was more severe because I was trying to fight out of it, in a seizure he said you tend to not be able to do much afterwards and most the time you are passed out!

----So this was all caused by workout supplements and the mixing of stuff??

A message to the boys would be if you’re drinking energy drinks, stop it, if you are taking supplements, pay attention to what you are putting in your body, and listen to your body! Don't think you are superman like I did, and think that you can just go do shows, work out, not sleep, drink, workout and take supplements and energy drinks and be fine! Not true. I was already aware of my health when this happened, if you are not taking care of yourself, then do so now. Because trust me, you do not want to find yourself in a mess of your own blood, cut and bruised with blood all over your face and not being able to move thinking you are dead! I’m not exaggerating in the slightest bit!

----What ingredients did he say about supplements??

He didn't give a certain ingredient per say. He said that anytime you put something in your body, there will be side effects whether they be good or bad. He said the mix of the caffeine, energy drinks, and workout supplements are something that he has been seeing a lot of this year.

He said I'm 27 years old, and I'm in good health, and that I can’t be doing all of that stuff. He also said that half of it was uncalled for. Also said that it is far more beneficial to your body and that you would be amazed to the results you can get naturally!

----I may take workout supplements, but I have cut down on caffeine a lot and I take only the supplements during the recommended time. Would you consider yourself "overdoping" as in taking them more than the 30 day cycle - the same drug??

I consider myself fortunate, because here is the scary part, I took my supplements as directed straight from the bottle instructions itself! Not everyone’s bodies are the same, and my body couldn't process it all with caffeine, and energy drinks and of course the stress and the gym. But that’s the scariest part, I took them as I was told, and instructed by the bottle!!

There was a very HIGH level of Creatinine [BT NOTE: this is not the workout supplement creatine. Creatinine is the natural break-down product of creatine phosphate in muscle. Creatinine is chiefly filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Jon Michael’s kidneys had so much in them that they wanted to shut down.] in my kidneys, it was a slow build up over time that my body couldn't process.

----So, your have never taken creatine??

I have never intentionally taken creatine or done any type of cycle of creatine! I've always stayed away from it! I just hope that guys become more conscious of what they are doing, what they are putting into their bodies, and what and who they are talking to and taking advice from for workout supplements or plans. I will be natural from now on trust me!

Let me make this statement, this all happened to me and I was taking Powerfull, Prime, tribulus, multiple vitamins, dhea, and coffee in the morning, and an energy drink a day. Sounds very simple, but trust me, in your body, its toxic. Also, that’s all I was taking. Now guys if you are taking any steroidal type of intake, you should be scared right now because I felt like I almost died and I was trying to do everything by the book. Just remember that things happen for a reason!

----What would you like to say to everyone that might think this is just some big elaborate work on the part of you to do a wrestling angle??

For those who who actually take the time out of their day and think of someone elses misfortune to be a part of a storyline or angle for professional wrestling I am sorry to hear that you would actually think that! Some time wrestling does push the envelope too far and its hard to decipher the difference between fiction and nonfiction in the world of wrestling. Let me say this right now, This is NOT, in any way shape color form or fashion an idea or a part of a wrestling angle or storyline! I can honestly say that I take nothing for granted anymore because of this happening to me and I just want to let those know that actually think this would be an idea thrown out for a story line you are Dead Wrong! If it were I would still be wrestling everywhere else, and training, and making all of my tv dates in an in ring fashion! So, to answer that, ridiculous in my eyes, question, No! this has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling, thank you!

----Anything else you would like to add for the RRO readers??

Biggest thing is that I had SOOOOOO many texts, and sooooo many emails and facebook responses and messages that it was unreal. I really want to take a second and say thank you to each and everyone one who showed me they care and that they were concerned for me and my wellbeing! I felt truly grateful and blessed to have as many people in my life as I did that cared! Thank you!!

----I would just like to add a few things. All supplements are intended for a limited time only. If you are taking anything, please do research on the product. The supplement mentioned above - Prime and Tribulus - are both closely related products, but Jon Michael was taking them as a stack recommended by a GNC representative. I also think I would be withholding information from my readers if I did not reveal the fact that I also have used both Tribulous and Powerfull. I have used them as a stack on a 30 day cycle, which I have completed three times. I have had no adverse reactions, but also get plenty of rest, very little caffeine in my diet and just a few energy drinks in a month.