Saturday, July 31, 2010

XCW Show Back On!! Sir Mo Comments!

----I got word late last night that the XCW show is still at the ASWF building. 

The XCW show will be on Saturday and Sunday and will not be on Friday night.  The details got ironed out and everything is back on track. It's now a 12 man tournament that spans 2 days. I contacted Sir Mo and ask if he would like to comment about what happened with the show.  He sent along the following...

Actually it was a misunderstanding. I Sir Mo being the Promoter  of XCW want to go on the record and say that David Walls was being a business man, and looking after the best interest of ASWF and it`s fans and sponsors as well as  XCW. He knows his town, and was concerned that without using a big name for the Friday night show, that it would only lose us money. So that`s why we made a business decision to only do a 2 day Tournament, and give the fans the event on Sunday for free. And at the same time we can do our normal Monthly Television Taping. I really appreciate  David for his insight and for being a gentleman in allowing us, XCW  to use his venue to tape our shows, even at the expense of his own show. This guy is a class act.