Friday, August 13, 2010


----Another release today!!

----Today we will be releasing shows 78 & 79.  Please CLICK HERE  to order your copy today!! 
Cost is only $12.99 for a two hour disc. You can also buy these DVDs at NEW live events!  Or CLICK HERE to see the complete NEW catalog of releases.

Show 78:

Dan Matthews Vs Mike Anthony

Return Grudge Match
Shawn Reed Vs Kid Nikels

U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Title Match from Hernando Ms.( I do not remember the date, should be on your site somewhere, ok, I think it is 5.8.10, but double check for me)
Eric Young Vs Eric Wayne(c)

Justin Smart Vs Eric Wayne

Interviews with Moe Stegall and Eric Young
Show 79
Rewind: Greg Anthony vs Alan Steele
6 man tag with the NEW rules waived/No DQ
Shawn Reed/Justin Smart/Mike Anthony Vs Dan Matthews/Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne