Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arena Report: Benefit @ NEW Arena West Memphis, AR 8.14.10

----Arena Report from Saturday night.

----Dustin Ring beat Seth Knight.  Good solid opener.  Back and forth.  Good spots. Stiff chops. Two belly to belly suplexs from Ring.  Knight hit a few good combo moves. Ring missed a legdrop from the top.  Match ended with Ring using the “Demon Wings” for the pin. [**3/4]

----Justin Smart/Dustin Ring beat “Prime Danger” [Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles].  Good solid pop for Matthews/Charles.  All four guys really smooth here.  Matthews looked real good on the shine. Smart/Ring gave them a lot to start the match. Matthews had three elbows followed by a legdrop that looked smooth.  Heat on Matthews with him turning “Dangerous”.  Crowd was ready for hot tag, but they didn’t do it – Charles just got into the ring with everyone trying to finish each other off.  Ring with the “Demon Wings” on Charles [who was not even the legal man] for the win. [**1/2]

----Alan Steele beat Tatt2.  Quick hold for hold.  Just a real good bout with the story being Tatt2 doing spots here and there with Steele outsmarting him and getting heat.  Tatt2 looked real good and I didn’t mind the spots.  At one point, Steele said, “God..it’s hot!” LOL Good spot with Steele falling to the floor and getting back in before he got hit with anything.  Steele hit the corner charging.  Tatt2 made his final comeback with fire.  Hit a moonsault a little off.  Steele finished it with the “Twisted Steel” that I marked out for. [***1/2]

----“ Golden Circle ” with Greg Anthony.  Anthony brought out Moe Stegall.  Both guys were real good here.  M-O-E wanted a match with T-G-B, so they had it.

----Greg Anthony beat Moe Stegall with a guillotine legdrop.  Just a total squash, but Moe did good and Anthony beat the hell out of him. After the match, Austin Lane made the save for Stegall after TGB would not stop beating on him. [**]

----Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels went to a time limit draw.  Nikels got a huge pop coming out.  Back and forth – best bout on the show.  Wayne did a fishhook on Nikels.  Pretty spinebuster from Nikels.  Nikels working almost heel here, but getting cheered.  Nikels bumps over the top rope from a closeline.  Wayne dives outside the ring.  Nikels ends up throwing Wayne into the ringpost.  Blood!!  Nikels punched him, so Wayne bumped hard to the concrete twice, then Nikels suplexed him on the concrete. They battled around the ring.  Back in the ring with Kid throwing Wayne to RRO. LOL  Kid then hit Wayne HARD with a chair – bent it bad.  They did a superplex spot and Kid even did the neckbreaker off the top rope spot.   They did the 5 more minutes gimmick, but could not get a winner.  [***3/4]

----Austin Lane beat “TGB” Greg Anthony to retain the US Jr title.  Match was good, but it started real slow and it was just so hot in the building. By this point, I felt sorry for them and the crowd. Ken Wayne was special ref and it was under NEW rules.  TGB tries to punch, but Wayne would not let him.  Anthony was taunting Lane and Lane hit a superkick out of nowhere. Anthony took over with some good stuff.  Superplex and then elbow smash from top rope.  DKO with them coming out of it doing the enzuigiri spot where Anthony held his foot and Lane kicked him.  [SO TIRED OF THAT SPOT!!] Guillotine legdrop for near fall.  Lane wins with a submission.  After the bout, Anthony pushes Wayne , and then Wayne punches TGB a few times.  He then sends him into the ropes and Wayne did a dropkick.  Crowd popped big for that. [***1/2]


----Crowd started low, but before the show was over it was almost completely full.  Not sure on the count or how much money was raised??  The crowd was vocal also, even though it might have been like 150 thousand degrees in there!!...Richard Bressler had his “in-ring” referee debut.  Not bad for a rookie.  Chuck Poe helped out…Terrance Ward was solo on the mic…Ring has not been in the ring, since last year.  He looked a little rusty, but did a great job…The tag was real solid, but would have loved have seen the hot tag and crowd was ready for it…Steele vs Tatt2 had a lot of stuff that you will just have to buy the DVD to see…Anthony is either the BEST or very close to the BEST in this area on the mic.  I would love to see a long program with Stegall/TGB…Precious was in the crowd…My girlfriend Misty was in attendance with me and this was her first EVER wrestling event.  She got to see a good show. Her comments included that all the workers “showed athleticism” and the acting was “over the top.”  Exactly what good wrestling is all about!...I hate not having a finish for Kid vs Wayne , but the match was so good I couldn’t take stars off for no finish.  Wayne fell on Misty’s feet when he got thrown out.  LOL…I thought the Steele/Tatt2 bout was a bit better than Lane/TGB, but they got the same rating due to the big pop for the Ken Wayne dropkick…Three bouts over [***] – just a real good crew – not a bad guy on the show.  Moe is a rookie and still entertaining…Good time was had by all.  I think I might have lost a couple of pounds because of the heat though.