Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RRX: Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 8.06.10 - TapOuts and KnockOuts!!

----Arena Report from West Memphis, AR.

----I would like to make a quick note [like I always do with the NEW shows] - this was a TV taping for 1 hour with 4 matches.  All matches were real solid and it is hard to beat the work here, but you are also not going to get matches that have rave reviews and stars [*****], when you work only 7 to 12 minutes.  These matches, except for the added bout of Wayne vs Lane, would all be considered as TV matches in voting.

Shawn Reed
----Kevin Charles beat Shawn Reed in the opener.  Solid work back and forth.  Everything was tight and shoot gloves made it seem more real.  Some of the punches by Kevin were a little off, but overall a good bout. Shawn got a pop on some kicks.  Reed hit Charles with a STIFF superkick.  Reed tapped out to a leglock. [**1/2]

----Justin Smart beat Moe Stegall.  A good fast bout.  Smart has improved sooo much.  I love his neckbreaker to submission move.  Smart hit a closeline from hell.  Moe did an impressive sitdown closeline from the second rope into a triangle submission.  Smart won by KO. [**1/2]

----Dan Matthews beat Jon Allen to become the #1 contender for the US Jr Title.  Another solid bout.  Allen is real fast and is turning into a solid worker. Moves back and forth and finally Matthews getting made to turn “Dangerous” for the KO.  Sort of fun to watch Matthews doing the “power up” or “turning into the Hulk [as in green guy]” type of gimmick.  Gives him a bit of personality.  Allen missed a moonsault and Matthews ended it with a KO with a backhand punch that sent Allen's mouthpiece flying. [**1/2]

Kid Nikels
----Kid Nikels beat Byron Willcott by submission.   Another good solid bout.  This was the best match of the TV tapings.  Good interviews from both guys.  Willcott did an armdrag after bouncing off the middle of the second rope.  He flies around like a cruiserweight.  Back and forth with these two guys working real hard. Nikels came off the turnbuckle with Willcott holding him up in the air into a submission. [**3/4]  

----Austin Lane beat Eric Wayne in 21:10 by submission.  This match was filmed for a DVD extra, so it was given more time.  A total different match than I have seen with these guys.  It was a very slow start with me thinking they were going to go much longer.  Hard kicks and hard slaps.  Wayne tried his best at sunset flipping Lane to floor, then ended up with a hard thud sounding bump as Lane hit the ring apron edge. Match flowed well.  Running kick from Lane – hip toss to backbreaker.  Leapfrog into a TKO – looked real good.  Lane wins by submission. [***1/2]


----Everyone wore shoot gloves.  Remember how everyone bitched about NEW not allowing punches and such??  Well, they were allowed during this event and it make it seem important that they could punch….Stegall is the newest rookie of the NEW school and probably should be considered in the rookie voting this year.  I think he will get the 26 date requirement.  He is not at the level of Matthews in the ring as a rookie, but is sooo good on his promos…Matthews/Allen finish was a bit messed up, but as I said, I like the idea of Matthews become “Dangerous” after taking so much heat. Allen is fast!!...Moe has lost the last two times I have seen his matches by KO and if it is not part of the storyline, it is making him look like he has a glass jaw.  Allen also has missed that moonsault in the last two bouts I have watched him in…Nikels/Willcott both come off as big stars.  When I see a guy the size of Willcott and the ability, it just surprises me that the WWE can not find a job for him…Lane/Wayne was good, but when you have seen some of the matches I have seen with them, it is like you expect so much more.  This bout was a little hindered from being a shoot type bout with gloves and such.  They do good with near falls.  Good bout, but not a MOTY candidate, but also smartly worked when you can do a total different bout with the same person…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno reffed the main bouts.  Richard Bressler helped in the Lane/Wayne bout on the outside…Terrance Ward and John Steele were announcers….”West MemphisWayne was in the building.  Good to see him!  He enjoyed the show and made mention of it being sad that they can’t draw that many fans [probably 60 people total in the building], even though they have a great product.  Well, I agree NEW does a lot of things right.  I have never seen a show ran like this in the area.  They have pre and post production meetings.  They are meticulous on details.  But, the one thing they do not do, that all the other promotions in this area do not do – is advertise on a weekly basis.  I am a firm believer in fliers at the least EVERY week along with some other form of advertisement…Thanks to cast and crew.  I had a great time even if it was hot as hell!!   

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