Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Coach's Corner "WHAT IF??... Everything was RIGHT with the business??" by Brian Tramel

----I know there is a bit of crossover for fans of wrestling and comic books.  I talk to many workers that actually are big comic fan marks.  So, I thought I would give my offering of the What If series.  This goes into the “BT The Booker” category that some of you guys do not like and some of you love, but I thought it would be fun to look at my vision of Memphis Wrestling 2010 if everything was RIGHT with the business...
Here is my report for the show that aired this past weekend.
July 31, 2010 Memphis Wrestling 11:00 AM Channel 5
----The show opens with the usual classic wrestlers on the opening along with all the guys from today.  Funny to see Maxx Corbin still on the opening, since he had that “incident” with the promotion and no longer works for them. 
----Brandon Baxter and Brian Thompson are at the desk welcoming everyone to the show.  Baxter gives Thompson hell for wearing a suit, since Baxter is in t-shirt and jeans.  Thompson makes a reference to Lance Russell.  Baxter says, “If your dad or mom is a Memphis Wrestling fan, then call them up.  We have a big time SPECIAL GUEST in the studio today!”  Thompson sells it, announces they will have Brian Lawler, “Ghetto Fabulous”, “Picture Perfect” and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony in the building today, and reminds everyone they will be right back with the opening match. 
----Terrance Ward is in the ring to do the ring announcing. Kevin White makes his way to the ring to work Cody Melton.  Not a long match, but White gives Melton a lot here.  Thompson put over the fact that Melton was trained by White, but has since been under Derrick King’s wing.  After the match, White continues to beat on Melton until Brian Lawler runs out for the save.  Referee Chuck Poe reversed the decision and Melton won by DQ.
----Ward is ringside to interview White.  White calls over Brian.  Lawler comes over carrying the Southern title and the crown.  Lawler gets a big pop.  White goes through the story of him being trained by Bill Dundee and Brian was the son of Jerry Lawler and was just given the crown of the “King.”  White said he had worked hard for his spot, but Lawler had the silver spoon.  Good stuff here.  Lawler told the story that his dad made him WORK for everything he got and he is the new “King” of Memphis because the FANS wanted that.  Tuesday night, he will be putting his Southern Title on the line again against White and AGAIN he will come out as champion.  White walked off pissed and the fans were eating out of Brian’s hand.
----Thompson told the fans again – “Call everyone you know – we have a SPECIAL GUEST coming up this morning!!”
----The commercial with Jerry Lawler for the Morning Star retirement home aired next.
----Baxter/Thompson return and go to video footage from last week.  They show the angle where “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] were being given their Tag Team of the Year award from Wrestling News Center.  Ward was handing them the awards when the “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] jumped them.  PP were totally destroyed here.  They actually blurred out the blood [they couldn’t last week because it was LIVE!].  The trophies were destroyed along with PP. 
----As they came back from the clip, Demon X and Neil Taylor were standing in the ring.  “Hollywood” Jimmy stepped out of the curtain and “Asylum” came running, hitting the ring.  I started feeling sorry for Taylor/X here – Psycho/Pappy beat the hell out of them.  Psycho had a chair and was using it on their backs.  Poe called for the DQ.  They kept beating on them until Michael/CJ ran through the curtains with 2x4s.  They still had their heads bandaged from last week. 
----Ward interviewed PP with both guys being real serious.  Michael makes a point to say that their Southern Tag Team titles are not on the line this week as they will face the “Asylum” in a Tennessee Street Fight Tuesday night.  Crowd chants “PP!! PP!!”
----Baxter reminds the tv crowd that the “Special Guest” is up next!!
----“Ghetto Fabulous” [Derrick King/Johnny Dotson] come out to a big pop as the show comes back on.  The fans love these guys!!  DK tells Baxter that he had a part in bringing in the “special guest” this morning. DK welcomes “Fabulous One” Steve Keirn to the show.  Crowd gave him a good pop due to all the videos they have done with Keirn introducing King/Dotson doing the Fabs gimmick. Keirn started putting over Dotson/DK.  He was just about to finish when Ken Wayne walks out from behind the curtain.  Wayne talks about how Dotson/King are a big joke and that he has been sitting backstage for the last few weeks watching them trying to get over a 1980s gimmick.  Wayne tells Keirn that no one cared about him in the 1980s and no one cares about him or DK/Dotson now.  Wayne even said he could make his own “Nightmare” team, but it is 2010 and there is no sense in using old gimmicks.  At that moment, Eric Wayne, Alan Steele, Kid Nikels and Dan Matthews jump DK/Dotson knocking Keirn down.  Baxter/Thompson go to look at him.  Wayne gets on the microphone to tell everyone that Steele/Wayne are here to be the team of 2010, not a team of 1985.  They leave them on the studio floor as they go to break. 
----DK/Dotson/Keirn are being interviewed when the show comes back on.  They announce that Tuesday night they will be wrestling Eric Wayne/Alan Steele and that Keirn will be in their corner.  Keirn warns Ken that if he sees him near the ring, he will get slapped!!
----Vignette of “High Stakes” [Chris O’Neal/Stan Lee] airs.  Funny video with Lee losing in poker while O’Neal was trying to pick up a chick.  Can not tell by the video whether they are going to be heels or babys??
----Ward goes over the Tuesday night card  announcing the debut of “High Stakes”, Tatt2 vs Cody Melton, Kid Nikels vs Austin Lane, Justin Smart vs Seth Knight, Wayne/Steele vs DK/Dotson with Keirn at ringside, “Tennessee Street Fight” “Picture Perfect vs “Asylum”, and Main Event: Southern Title Match: Brian Lawler [champ] defends against Kevin White.
----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony steps out through the curtain to cut a promo.  Brian Thompson refuses to interview him.  Anthony gives Thompson hell and Ward interviews him.  TGB tells Ward to show the video, so everyone knows why Thompson will not talk to him.  The angle from three weeks ago airs where Bobby Eaton announces his retirement and TGB beats him up leaving him in the ring.  Thompson came to the ring to see how Eaton was doing.  TGB then beat him up. The show comes back to TGB to announce that he has put Eaton in a wheelchair and he challenges Jerry Lawler to “come out of that retirement home and face me!!” TGB then announced that he would be accompanying Bishop to the ring today and that he was putting him “under his wing” to make him a champion like himself. 
----Bishop beat Shawn Reed in a good solid match.  Downtown Bruno was the ref here.  Not much time was given.  Reed got a lot, but Bishop beat him clean in the middle.  After the match, TGB made a promise that he would be there Tuesday night and make an impact and when he makes a promise..well, you know!!
----They closed the show with Ward going over the Tuesday night show again.  Baxter/Thompson thanked everyone for watching the show and look for it next week.  Baxter said to get all the up to date wrestling news on his favorite site –!! 
----First two bouts – two DQs…White/Lawler were good on the mic here getting over the storylines…Jerry Lawler retirement home commercial is funny on so many levels…As I have said, “Asylum” are being pushed perfect here as the modern day Moondogs with PP being the 2010 “Fabulous Ones” more than Dotson/King, even with Steve Keirn…Those purple “Fabs” tights that Dotson/King were wearing – they were bright!!!...There was no mention of who “High Stakes” will be wrestling, but I would not be surprised to see them team Tatt2/Melton, so that will put them as heels…Lane vs Nikels and Smart vs Knight should be fun opening matches on the show – much like the classic Memphis days, these matches will be good and mean something…Good way to introduce Wayne/Steele against one of the top baby teams.  I look for Ken/Keirn to get involved in the end…Good interview with TGB. I really never like an announcer to be involved in anything, but they used it to put over the fact that TGB had teamed with Bobby Eaton as “Midnight Gold.” Looks like they are going into a Bishop/TGB program down the line, but was surprised to see TGB challenged Jerry to a match.  We have not seen Jerry on the show for over a year, except a video here and there…Good show to put over everyone.  Thanks for the plug guys!!