Friday, August 27, 2010

Derrick King - No Longer With Memphis Wrestling

----Three time RRO Wrestler of the Year Derrick King is officially gone from Memphis Wrestling.

----Whether you want to say "fired" or "quit" or whatever, Derrick King is no longer working for Memphis Wrestling.  King, who has been a prominent fixture on Memphis Wrestling TV, has not been used for the last two JLMW TV tapings.   

----The problems all started when rumors of a show being run in Memphis, TN at the New Daisy surfaced.  "Friday Night Wrestling" debuts on October 1, 2010 advertising  TNA Star/Sharkboy, Former WWE/WCW/TNA Champion/ Kid Kash, Former WWE/TNA Legend/ Road Dogg Jesse James, Former WWE/TNA Star "The Natural" Chase Stevens, Memphis Legend/Dangerous Doug Gilbert and some of local guys like Tatt2, Derrick King, Cody Melton, Precious and more.  

----As the show was being announced Jerry Lawler was told that Wolfie D, Derrick King and Cody Melton were planning to work the show.  Lawler allegedly, as I was told, "crawled Wolfie's ass" about being on the show.  Lawler putting it to Wolfie and anyone else - if you work the New Daisy show, then you don't work for Memphis Wrestling.  

----Lawler was apparently even offered a spot on the New Daisy show to judge a "Divas" contest, but turned it down.  The promotion also wanted Brian Christopher to work the show.  Lawler sees  this as someone coming into your town to do a show [competition], since he has plans to run house shows in the future.  Lawler was very adamant during the initial WWE expansion and when WCW would run shows in Memphis.  None of the wrestlers were permitted to go to the shows and he even forbid his children from attending the shows.

----"I am not knocking them.  I just want to do some different." Derrick King told RRO.  So, King has elected to work "Friday Night Wrestling" over JLMW.  It is not clear which group would benefit King at this point in his career, but he is doing something quite "different" this time.  King has been a mainstay of Memphis Wrestling for years and been well known as a "good hand", a team player and considered a Lawler supporter.

----King will only be missing actually one payoff a month with JLMW tapings and is wrestling close to a full schedule right now.  He is working four nights this coming week.  Cody Melton looks to be working the New Daisy show and Wolfie D is sticking with Memphis Wrestling.