Sunday, August 29, 2010

From The Desk of Brian Tramel: Looking for, Conversation and Twitter

----Here is some news about the site.

----I am looking for regular contributors to the web site that can provide results weekly for ASWF, EWE and NBW.  That is three of our top promotions and no one is sending results in on a regular basis.

----As posted on Wednesday, Conversation will be a regular feature here at RRO.  I will be throwing out five or six questions to either local workers, past workers in the Memphis area, legends or new personalities in the Memphis Wrestling area.  I have tried to do this in the past and it never has worked out.  I see the popularity of interviews in this form and think it will be fun.  This feature will be bi-weekly or weekly.  My plans are for it is to do Conversation one week and then Coach's Corner the next week, but even this week we already have the Conversation ready and I am preparing a Coach's Corner.  The interview for 9.08.10 has already been confirmed also.

----Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with RRO.  If you have a smartphone, the post will appear with the complete link and all you have to do is hit it to read it.  Join us @rronews !!