Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----Here are a few things I need to talk about. ----If you want to send a response to anything on this site, I invite you to do so.  But, please do not send it all in text messages!!  I got 20+ text messages yesterday over an one line statement on this site.  I do not have a smartphone, so I woke up to 20+ text messages. The people that did this are two of my favorite people in wrestling, but damn that was annoying. LOL 

----I apologize to Sam Lassiter for stating he was "Sam Dollar."  I should have known better, because I have known Dollar's shoot name for years.  Thanks to everyone that corrected me.

----RRO is still churning out the hits!!  Not as good as last week, but thanks again.  Tell all your friends - RRO is the place to go for all the local wrestling news.

----Coach's Corner either will be posted on Friday or the first thing at the start of the new week.  I get most of it in my mind and get ready to start writing when I get another letter or post about Sir Mo and David Walls.  I am not sure how much I can actually say about the situation, but I have had many people ask me about my opinion, so I am going to let it out sometime soon.