Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Golden Circle: "Jeremy Wood Thoughts" by "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

 ----Anthony weighs in on the Jeremy Wood tragedy and has a great idea!

I've sat back with a tight jaw as I watched this story unfold before my very eyes over the past weeks. I can honestly say, even though I didn't know Jeremy very well, that it has been an emotional rollercoaster. We've seen everyone give his two cents worth on this situation. From veterans like Ken Wayne and Sir Mo to even my own trainee. Leading up to this weeks Golden Circle I had a lot of story ideas I wanted to get out there but if I didn't talk about this I felt it would be like the elephant in the room. So here we go.
When I see the pictures of Jeremy and here the stories. I don't see a trainee, a friend, a son or an announcer. Although he was all of those things and so much more. What I see is myself ten years ago. I see a kid that all he wanted to do was realize a childhood dream and just be a small part of this business we love. I see a tragedy that could have happen to me, you or anyone else.
We have all been in the ring with someone that didn't know what they were doing, careless, clumsy or even just accidental. There are so many stories and theories about what happen that there is no fact and there isn't any fiction. All there is, is lip service. The only one that could clarify this situation, sadly cannot.
As I know many of you are angry and rightfully so. Lets not let that anger become self destructive to ourselves and the business we are trying to build. Forget the finger pointing and name calling, band together and  let us do something that means something. Not only to us but something I hope Jeremy could be proud of. A annual memorial show promoted to show young fans the dangers of what we do. A show that can provide people with the tools to pick a reputable training facility. Something that has been long overdue in this business.
I want to send my deepest condolences to Jeremy's family. Being a father now, I can't imagine what they must be going through. I hope they share my sediments and could join together with those who shared the same passion as their son.