Monday, August 16, 2010

RRX: Holding Court "The McMahon Family" by Sir Mo

----Sir Mo sent in his latest column.

I for one have had enough. Day in and day out for many months now, I’ve had to sit at home and listen to all the rhetoric about Linda McMahon running for the US Senate. I thought to myself, there’s a lot that  can  be said  about the McMahon family, some good some bad, but regardless of the fact, someone has got to put a stop to the bullshit surrounding steroid, and the deaths of professional wrestlers, in regards to the McMahon family. I`m Bobby L. Horne AKA Sir Mo Formerly of a Tag team known in the old WWF as Men on a Mission. This name and character was given to me by Vincent K. McMahon and I still to this day answer to the name Mo. Now I could go on and say a million and one bad things about the McMahons, and how they do business, but it wouldn’t all be true, just like everyone else are saying a lot of un truths.
I’m only gonna address a couple of things, As a former employee of the McMahons, I was never asked or told to use steroids. It was never suggested to me, that I had to if I was going to keep my job working for them.  Vince McMahon gave me and my friends an opportunity of a lifetime. Did he give us all that he could have as far as the machine? No I would disagree, but he did give us an opportunity and I’m grateful for that. Did Vince McMahon or anyone else in his family ever say Mo, you have to drink alcohol every night, and take prescription pills to get you through? No it never happened and was never said to me by anyone in that company. I’m 43 years old, and I’ve spent the better part of 22 plus years falling on my back, beating myself up, and for what, because anyone who has ever stepped in a wrestling ring knows that it in itself is a drug. It’s as addictive as any marijuana or cocaine. And when the lights go out, you feel like life for you is over. So what do you do? Me, I sat in my room for hours at a time, and cried and ask why I couldn’t do it on that level again. I even felt like committing suicide, I was so addicted to wrestling. To this day, I’m on kidney dialysis, and still cry because I can’t just jump in the ring and perform.

There is something about that feeling of having those fans eating out of the palm of your hands, and screaming your name that makes you wants to do it forever. I would have worked for Vince for free as long as I could have been able to perform, it wasn’t about the money, and it still isn’t, just that adrenalin rush you get when you break that curtain. I know someone is gonna say who the hell is he, well I’m someone who worked there for 3 years and lived the life, and I experienced the same things that everyone else has  - the good,  the bad the ugly. I may die tomorrow from kidney failure, but it won’t be because Vince McMahon or anyone in his family asked me to or even suggested I use steroids, or partake in any illegal drug use, or excessive alcohol consumption. And if you don’t think you can wrestle in pain and not use pain killers, then I say you have no threshold for pain. I broke my right leg in March of 1995, had major surgery on it. On Sunday, cut my cast off after an 11 day break, taped up my leg and ankle and I went back to work. Not because Vince McMahon told me to, or threatened to take my job, but because I loved the business that much, and I done it without the use of alcohol or pain killers.

Anyone who doesn`t believe that, well if you can find my former tag team partner, ask him, if ever there was a time he was proud  of me, ask him about the week we worked  matches with the likes of Davey Boy and Lex Lugar with broken leg and ankle. I performed and with a clear head and mind. Vince McMahon never knew I even broke my leg; because I never told anyone.

The night after I got out of the hospital I called  JJ Dillon and told him,  I sprained my ankle, just to give myself a few more days  to recover after the surgery. But I went back to work. Why because that’s what we do, we are workers and we love this business and that’s  why we do what we do.

Finally before I end this column, I want to say this,  Linda McMahon my hat is off to you. Any woman that can put up with what this business has to offer, and all the scandals and innuendos and still come out with a smile has my utmost respect. Linda McMahon running for the Senate is no different than Arnold Swarzeneggar running for governor of California. I look at TV and they bash her for different storylines that you see on WWE Programming, people get a damn life it’s television. If that be the case, while you’re bashing Linda showing  clips of her kicking JR in the balls, how about showing clips of good old Arnold when he was on steroids, or as the Terminator when he was killing people in the movies. It’s television people. Let’s figure out the difference between reality and fiction. Reality is homelessness, joblessness, welfare systems, food stamps, healthcare issues, insurance problems, those are real situations. Fiction is everyone in this country is covered under the same medical system, (not) Fiction is everyone in this great country of ours is homeowners (not). Fiction is a man can do a better job than a woman, we I think it’s been proven that it’s just not true.Women are equally as qualified to do certain jobs as men, and in most cases better for the job. So people lay off Linda McMahon. Give her the same consideration you gave every other politician that you guys elected. She may fool you and actually do a great job. Unlike those politicians that slept behind their wives back with men, and prostitutes. Or get caught in the capitol smoking crack, OMG are we serious? She deserves a right to prove herself. So let’s see what kind of job she can do, she conquered the entertainment world, let`s see if she can help. America actually be the home of the American Dream, because from where I’m sitting it has been a long time since I thought of this country that way.

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