Monday, August 09, 2010

RRX: Holding Court "What is A Promoter??" by Sir MO

----Sir Mo makes his regular column debut of Holding Court after the controversy he stirred up last week. 

A promoter creates a "buzz" about clients’ events with the purpose of getting people to attend them. The event could be a concert, the opening of a new business, a sports competition or many other possibilities. Talented event promoters are skilled in advertising and public relations strategies. Above all, an effective event promoter has to have the ability to come up with creative  ideas that he or she can get completed through good working relationships with other people.

Eddie Marlin, Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Jim Crockett, Vince McMahon Sr., Vince McMahon Jr., Bill Watts, Fritz Von Eric, just to name a few were some of the words best promoters in professional wrestling. Even though I have ill feelings about a business deal that was balked on before between us, I even feel like Terry Golden at one time was a good promoter. I wasn`t gonna reveal this until it was a done deal but, what the hell, I can`t get any cooperation, so here it goes. Lately I have been attempting to start a new company in an effort to get the young guys of the Mid South area some exposure, as well as the promoters. My partner Dan came up with the idea of traveling the country like the guys from Tap Out did with MMA and look for the best independent pro wrestler that wasn`t signed to a major contract and feature them on a new reality series, World's Best Unsigned Professional Wrestlers!!

I did my first show in Newbern Tn, and wanted to highlight a group of talent on that show, to include Jeremy Moore. I showed up a day early to set the tone for the next day, by letting Jeremy beat me down in the ring after showing the people the catheter in my stomach and talking to them about kidney problems. Jeremy came out and we did the deal, and based on the number of people that showed up the next day for the tapings, I believe it was a success. All Jeremy had to do, was follow up on the angle the next day, and then again the next week. Oh I forgot, Alan Steel could only be there one week, before he was gonna be out until September. A good promoter would have took advantage of that prior knowledge paid to have Alan show up, and do the angle and beat him down, and have him carted out. This will only get the heel over more, and increase the interest in Alan coming back to get the heal. Above all, an effective event promoter has to have the ability to come up with creative project ideas that he or she can get completed through good working relationships with other people. This line says it all. A good promoter would have known how to capitalize on the entire deal. which brings me to  David Walls.

Here is a guy who lives out his wrestling fantasy`s by being a promoter and from what everyone tells me, his work is terrible. As a promoter he luckily stumbled on a building that Aaron Poston had built up, and in a town, that has absolutely nothing else to do on a Saturday night, just like Newbern and Dyersburg, but go see a bunch of guys who look like they work in the local factory dress up like wrestlers in their blue jeans and t-shirts and go out there and fall around on there backs and thinks that they are great workers. Oh my god give me a break. The promoters wonder why they draw like they do, it`s because the  people they pay 10 or 20 dollars a week are not even worth the 10 or 20 dollars they are getting paid. Don`t get me wrong, there are some guys that deserve more, but because the promoter doesn`t have a clue, he or she doesn`t take care of the guys that really draw the people in. 

David Walls you need to pay the guys who draw you money, more money. Jeremy Moore you need to figure out who`s drawing you money or who will draw you money and if you have to take an extra 20 dollars a week out of your concession stand money to pay the guy then you do it, otherwise someone else is gonna come into your town and steal your crowd away from you. Same with you David Walls, even though you think you have a loyal fan following, don`t ever think that  no one else can`t come to a town close by with a better product that the people wanna see, and they wont leave you hanging. guarantee if WWE was in Jonesboro on a Saturday night that you run, your numbers will be way down. You`re not as secure as you think, and your ability to not know how to work with other people will soon catch up with you, mark my words. Same for you Jeremy Moore, you`re not the mafia, and your daddy getting on the phone calling people up cussing them out about a post on the internet is so unprofessional and childish and definately is not what I would call a promoter. 

And finally before I go I wanna send a message to the guy who runs Newport Arkansas, I never contacted you about working with you, nor had I planned to do so, so stop telling your lies trying to put yourself over. You`re just another one of those weekend wanna be promoters, that don`t have a clue, and think that a crowd of twenty people is drawing a big house. Oh my god are you serious. Sam Lassiter you are a no body in this business and to even suggest that I contacted you is as dumb as you thinking you`ll ever draw decent money with a crew of guys that don`t even look like wrestlers, or know what a lock up is. Dude get a life because obviously you don`t have one. Oh yeah and for any of you guys that take this serious and don`t understand a work. I will be more than happy at anytime to meet you in your town in your ring, and bad kidneys and all  get in the ring with you so called promoters and show you what wrestling is really about. Bottom line is this don`t let my ailment fool you. I`m still a bad mofo and one of only a few guys in this world at over 400 pounds that can spin kick you in your forehead and break you nose. Lol 

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