Monday, August 23, 2010

Holding Court "Where Has The Business Gone Wrong?" Sir Mo

----Sir Mo with his latest column.
Where has the business gone wrong?
I have a few questions I want to  ask  those of you, who are experts in this business we called professional wrestling. Is it me, or did the big time promoters forget what at one time drew money? People say  the  old stuff doesn`t draw money any more, well I say, that it`s the old stuff that keeps the business alive.
Can someone tell me why the old stuff keeps the business alive?
My answer is this, and you may write in with your answer if you will and we`ll debate it.
As time goes on, and people get older the fans continue to get younger. These same fans already have an idea what it`s like to lose your girlfriend or boyfriend to some other person. Well classic angle, Man loses woman, or valet for 30 days, drew money. Right or  wrong ?
Is it me, or did someone just come up with a new name for a bunkhouse match? (Hardcore) Back in the day, bunkhouse matches drew money,  Dusty Rhodes and Dick Slater were the kings of these type of matches. Now someone wants to call it hardcore, really???
Why does a wrestler wear a mask? Back in the day people wore masks to hide their identity after losing a loser leave town match or after being suspended by a promoter. Now  a  days, a mask is just part of the costume. Losing your mask in a match use to draw money right?
Omg !!!!!  you`re gonna freak out on this one. One of the biggest drawing matches back in the day was taped fist match. Now a day’s people come to the ring with their fist taped, or with those MMA gloves on. Wow isn`t that considered a weapon? No wonder using a chain in a match doesn`t make much sense any more, how effective is knocking someone out with a chain to get a win, when you can hit a guy in the head 27 times with a chair and it doesn`t knock him out?  Wasn`t these the kind of things fans use to want to see happen, but it was very rare that you seen it? No wonder we don`t draw money any more at these shows. Because we have made this business so unbelievable , even though Vince McMahon told the world years ago, it was entertainment, people still tried to hold on to that belief that it was still real.
The final question I have before I go is this.
Why does  MMA   shows draw million dollar gates at house  shows, and wrestling is barely drawing 50 and 60 thousand dollar gates at house shows? The answer is people want to see a real fight, and until we as wrestlers, can give that effect to them again, we are always gonna lose to MMA, and if I`m lying, look at the quarterly dividend reports for WWE and see if they are drawing money like they were this time last year. Hell they are the biggest game in town, and this past week, they were beat out by a NFL Football game, and Hardcore Pawn a new reality show for ratings. Times are changing, and the business is also. Let`s  get  back to business the way it use to be, and let`s start making money again. 
As I wrap up my column this week, My prayers  and  condolences go out to Jeremy Woods Family and Friends,
Until Next Time
What`s The PO