Friday, August 20, 2010

Jeremy Wood - Timeline and My Thoughts

----There has been a huge amount of response the last few days on this subject.  I wanted to give the timeline of events in one post along with my thoughts.

Jeremy Wood
----On Thursday, 8.12.10 it was reported that SWA trainee Jeremy Wood was injured during a training session in Newport, AR where his trainer was being “rough” on him.  He had fallen on his neck and was rushed to the hospital. 

----Later that day, I posted that Wood had a fractured skull and is being sedated for the next three days. Apparently everyone believed he will be ok when they wake him up from the sedation.

----The promotion issued a statement later that day.

Dear Mr.Tramel:

Mr.Wood was not roughed up and he did not fall on his neck. He got over heated,  got out of the ring to set down and had a seizure, he’s still in the hospital with blood on his brain but will be ok and hopefully released in a few days.  I have been getting negative calls and text messages all day about people reading this and believing we beat his a**. Mr. Tramel if you could please correct this because I don't want people reading false information about this guy or my company. 

Friday 8.13.10

----I just got off the phone with ASWF owner David Walls and he just spoke with the father of Jeremy Wood.  Here is what Walls was told.

-Jeremy has blue and red marks of hand prints of at least 5 different hands from chops.

-He has not been conscious since the training session.

-He was powerbombed by Cujo.

-He hit the mat so hard that it separated his lungs.

-He has bleeding on his brain.

----We will keep following this story as closely as we can.  Our thoughts are with the family and Jeremy.

----I also talked with Cujo who said this incident occurred  after a series of front rolls.  He got out of the ring and what is believed was a seizure happened next.  Cujo commented that people offered him water or Gatorade. All he did was front rolls and closelines. The chop marks were actually from the day before.

----On Sunday, August 15, 2010 I posted the following..

----Here is something that I got from a reliable source.  Jeremy's grandma was at the SWA show Friday night.  SWA gave all the door money to their family to help with hospital bills.  She thanked Cujo and Sam Lassiter for their help.  They were told he DID NOT have a skull fracture, but had a concussion and a seizure.  The local hospital has him sedated because they thought he might have a fractured skull.  That source also stated, "NO ONE was trying to be a "tough guy" and beat up the kid. 

----Terrance Ward then published the following along with the photo below on Tuesday, 8.17.10.

I along with David Walls of the ASWF, and close family friend of Jeremy Wood's family, spoke with Jeremy's father Sunday afternoon. I was told his condition is still the same and is paralyzed on one side of his body and one of his eyes is paralyzed. We were also told by his father that he is apparently aware that he is in the hospital after trying to remove the ventilator that is helping him breath. David, Jeremy's dad, also stated that you can wake him now but he can't talk.

Jeremy in hospital
This picture was sent to me by e-mail and I think that it needs to be shared to show the severity of his injuries and prove to speculators that Jeremy is NOT okay. We here in the Mid-South and those that keep up with Wrestling News Center wish Jeremy a speedy recovery and hopes that God helps you through your tough recovery. 

Wednesday, 8.18.10

----Then it is reported, less than a week after the incident that the family removed the breathing machine and Jeremy Wood was pronounced dead.


----Ok, what the hell happened??  How does a guy go from being trained to dead within a week??  Something went wrong.  And guess what??  We are going to never know.  I got tons of people that I talked to within the last few days that want to go after Cujo.  But, what if it happened the way they are saying it happened??  If they did NOTHING to hurt him??  How did he end up paralyzed and dead??  Could this have been from an existing medical condition??  If everyone had thought he was too small or too sick to train, then why train him?  On the other hand, we have been told he was part of the National Guard.  If so, then they would not have a guy not unhealthy – psychically or mentally – would they??

----I have even had people ask me, “what really happened?”  And, I honestly have posted everything I know about the situation.  Everyone is going to have their own opinion and it will be hard to be able to tell what the REAL story is, especially if you have an official investigation, criminal charges and such. 

----A few things I want to stress though.  Please understand the importance of training with an official training facility.  I do think there are a few individuals that can personally train people in this area, but if you go to a facility such as Kevin White’s school or the Ken Wayne Nightmare School of Wrestling, then you will be treated professionally.  I am not saying accidents do not happen and if this kid had an existing medical condition, then you might say it could have happened at those schools also.  But, no, because White/Wayne are not going to train you if you are not physically able to do it.

----I never met Jeremy.  All the people that knew him only had good things to say about him.  They said he LOVED wrestling and just wanted to be part of it.  It really saddened me to report his death, because I was hoping he would be ok.  My thoughts are with his family and friends.  If his death was because of the negligence of others, I do hope you are punished.  If the family decides this was not the fault of the training, then I really hope the wrestling community gets behind them and tries to help everyone get over it.