Friday, August 06, 2010

RRX: Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.31.10 Week 9 Ratings and Random Thoughts - Show Scores Best Number!!

----Ratings and Random Thoughts for this week.


----The show scored their best number this week doubling their last 5 week average.  The show scored an overall rating of 1.6 [25913 viewers].  Jerry Lawler and crew should be happy with such a big increase and hopefully they can stick with it.  The show started with over 20,000 viewers at 1.4 [22674 viewers], which was actually their best quarter to date at that point.  They dropped a little in the second quarter, but then came back strong jumping close to 13,000 viewers with their new highest quarter to date at 2.0.  The 4th quarter seen a small dip [which is not a good sign, but it was not a lot of viewers], but the crew should be happy with a crowd of over 25,000 watching them on Saturday morning.

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1.4 [22674 viewers]
1st Quarter - ends after the Brian C/Wolfe D tag

1.2 [19435 viewers] [+3239]
2cnd Quarter - ends after Matt Boyce match

2.0 [32391 viewers] [+12956]
3rd Quarter - splits between Lawler/White match

1.7 [27532 viewers] [-4859]
4th Quarter


----Show still has a dull look.  It needs some improving in production ...Brian C and Wolfe D - love them as a team!!...Melton looked good in the tag...Bert and Boyce interview was good and again Bert/Baxter did a great job together.  If Baxter keeps improving, he will be my vote for Announcer of the Year...My first look at Lani Kealoha and his match with Boyce was real good.  If they would have been given more time and C & D were not out there, it could have been real good.  I am assuming they have worked each other a few times...The GaGa Girl stuff is still horrible...Kevin White vs Lawler was probably my favorite Lawler bout since the return.  White was using the "Ghost of Don Bass" [chain in trunks] to get heat.  Funny to see two guys like that mess up a move.  I just can't wait for the Yung vs GaGa rematch!!!
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