Friday, August 13, 2010

RRX: Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.07.10 Week 10 Ratings and Random Thoughts

----Ratings and Random thoughts for the week.


----The show dropped a little from last week, but finished with an overall rating of 1.1 [17815 viewers].  The show opened with over 11,000 viewers and finished with close to 18,000 viewers.  They had an increase in the 3rd quarter during the Yung vs Ga Ga match, but then lost some of the viewers for the main event.  Even though it did jump two quarters and drop for the last quarter, overall it was plus from start to finish.

----CLICK HERE for Larry Goodman's report.


.7 [11337 viewers]
1st Quarter - ended after Mercer vs Lee bout

1.0 [16196 viewers]  [+4859 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - ended in the middle of the Yung vs GaGa bout.

1.3 [21054 viewers] [+4858 viewers]
3rd Quarter - ended after Mantell vs Barr bout

1.1 [17815 viewers] [-3139 viewers] [-3139 viewers]
4th Quarter


----I did not enjoy the interaction between Mercer and Jenkins.  Here is why - if Jenkins is not scared of Mercer, then why would a wrestler be scared of him??...What was the real story behind the finish of Mercer vs Lee?? It seem to be a messed up count [from Two time RRO Referee of the Year Downtown Bruno], but it was a fun upset for Lee.  Good solid bout and have to agree with Larry Goodman on this - probably the best bout on TV so far. Lee did his signature moves of running shooting star and split-leg moonsault. He looked real good...Baxter did a great job again this week putting over Lee and the talent.  Baxter is really a rookie when it comes to being an announcer, but it does help that he has been around and works in front of mic every day at this shoot job.  But, here is something he does that every announcer should be doing - listen real close to him putting over ALL THE TALENT that is in the ring. By doing that, then he is putting over the match, putting over the quality of the talent and making the viewer think he is watching an important match without ever saying "this is a match of a year" or whatever. His interaction with Prentice continues to be the highlight of the program...I know the Comic-Con stuff was probably boring to most, but I enjoyed it...They still need major work on production - sound and video...Chuck Poe had to ref Yung vs GaGa again!! LOL  Another bad match, but not as bad as the one a few weeks back.  Poe's bump for White looked good!! I think he might be trying to upset Bruno this year in the ref award...Mantell/Barr bout was fun to watch with Cornette.  Barr was a real good worker...D & C are my favorite heel tandem right now.  It seems like they are just out there having a fun time.  Good tag match and surprised to see them finally get Boyce to lose. Although they said, "Too Cool", I am almost certain they are not going to call themselves that??  I hope not...My fantasy heel stable - D & C, Kevin White and Mercer managed by Garry White....Bert mentioned Randy Hales in commentary and helped D & C win...Hollywood Jimmy is funny not pronouncing the guy's name right.  When does he managed Jason vs Lawler - this weekend??...Three original bouts [two real good ones] and the show seemed to flow good for me.