Friday, August 20, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.14.10 Week 11 Ratings and Random Thoughts

----Ratings and Random Thoughts for the Week 11th of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.
----The show did overall a .9 [14576 viewers] rating.  The show dipped again from their big rating from two weeks ago. The positive news would be to the see the gradual climb as the audience continued to stay in and more were added.  The show ended with 4859 more viewers than it started. How can they get more viewers??  This is a weak station, but I have been told there is no advertising in the Memphis area for it??  

----CLICK HERE for Larry Goodman's report.


.5 [8098 viewers[
1st Quarter  - ends after Mercer/White tag

.9 [14576 viewers] [+6478 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - ends in the middle of Yung vs GaGa

1.1 [17815 viewers [17815 viewers] [+1620 viewers]
3rd Quarter - ends after RAW stuff

1.2 [19435 viewers] [+1620 viewers]
4th Quarter


----Audio seems to be getting worse??...Baxter did a great job getting over the stips on the GaGa vs Yung match.  Mr. Coffee is not as clear on stuff as he should be...Tag match was ok, but it looked like Lee/Mercer almost messed up the finish of that one.  Cody looked good and so did Kevin.  Hot tag was not much of a hot tag though...Yung vs GaGa was not as bad as the other two [I agreed with Goodman here].  But, who has Chuck Poe pissed off?? LOL  He has had to ref all three of these bouts!!  LOL Good to see them end that program though...Lawler got a good stab at Prentice about it being a girls match and is that why Bert was out there??  Bert even choked Lawler, so I wonder if they will have something with him/Lawler also??...Main event was the "same old same old song and dance."  But...I got to admit I was digging the "Monstervision" and they left Lawler out there to set up another match. Jason was Colorado Kid doing another gimmick...Overall I like the show.  I like it a lot better than the Corey stuff at the end.  It is settling in to a format of local talent, classic match, WWE stuff and then more local talent.  Not a bad combo, but I would like to see them get more people watching it.