Monday, August 23, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.21.10 Week 12 by Larry Goodman

----Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling TV recap for August 21, 2010. Ratings and Random Thoughts later in the week.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins did a brief and very business like opening. Brandon wondered about Kevin White’s mood now that Ga Ga Girl was gone. They announced the Lawler/Jason rematch for the main event. Oh joy.  

A fresh crop of bumpers debuted this week. The first one featured Virgil. He mentioned being in Memphis in 1986 (as Soul Train Jones). 

Kevin White out with Baxter. White admitted he had the blues over the loss of Ga Ga Girl, but he was he kind of guy that had to have somebody. White said no more tramps, he was going the blood-is-thicker- than-water route and introduced his father Gary. Dad’s first move was to ask Baxter if he had kids. Baxter revealed that he had a 10 month old son. Gary said he had been watching Kevin make mistakes for months, and a father’s role was to hope the kids learns from them, and it appeared that Kevin had done just that. Gary said he had spent beacoup bucks on Kevin’s training and he was there to make sure he was the best in JLMW.  

(1) Kevin White (with Gary White) beat Cody Melton in 5 minutes.  Baxter noted the 180 degree turn Kevin’s career has taken since his days as a coach. Kevin lied to the ref about Melton cheating. When Melton got a two count with a backflip splash, Baxter asked the viewers to consider poor Kevin’s situation if he were to lose his first match with his father. Gary tripped up Melton to open the door for Kevin, who couldn’t hold the lead. Gary shoved Melton off the top rope to hand the match to Kevin on a silver platter. Bruno threatened to reverse the decision, but the Whites were out of there with Kevin claiming it was a superkick on the button.

A scroll across the bottom of the screen plugged Memphis Wrestlng at the Delta County Fair (The Agricenter) on September 5.

Bill Apter bumper. This was one of the better ones they’ve done. Apter looks better now than he did a decade ago.

Brian C, Wolfie D and Tommy Mercer approached ringside. Baxter admitted he was feeling uncomfortable. Wolfie said it was nothing to him to beat a kid and old man or and old lady. C apologized to the Memphians about the way they were being treated, His gear was awesome by the way. Brian C went on to say that Mercer was the best singles wrestlers in JLMW and they were the best tag team. Mercer said he was the baddest man in town. These guys got heat. Brian C called out Matt Boyce and his partners, Jocephus (mispronounced) and “the Hawaiian guy”.

The babyface trio came to ringside. Boyce said he had Wolfie beat two weeks ago if not for the  hubcap. Lani took a turn and passed the mic to the Bruiser Brody look alike, Josephus. He did this hammy singing -- “Are you ready for some wreslaaang?” It was very strange.

(2) Brian C & Wolfie D & Tommy Mercer beat Matt Boyce & Jocephus & Lani Kialoha in 6:17. “What a glory hog this kid is. He’s learned nothing,” said Bert.  You remind me of fifth grade when you got your heart broken,” said Baxter.  Boyce blasted C with a dropkick. Bert claimed he taught Boyce the technique, and talked about the dropkicks he used to do in Texas. Brandon had no recall of Bert doing any such thing. Bert quoted Bon Jovi lyrics. Baxter said his mom had a crush on Bon Jovi back in the day. “What about you, Bert?” Prentice said he knew Bon Jovi from his song writing efforts in Nashville and bragged about getting a world tour t-shirt from him recently. Kialoha took the heat. Baxter said C was a relatively young guy. Safe statement there. Josephus got the tag leading to six way action. Boyce hit his top rope crossbody, but Mercer had diverted the attention of referee Chuck Poe, who finally turned around to find C making a save. Jocephus gave C a chokeslam. It lacked elevation. Kialoha followed with a diving headbutt on C. Then more ref diversion allowed Wolfie to nail Kialoha with the hubcap.

Bumper was Bret Hart. He looked old in the harsh lighting.

Jenkins brought out her sister, Kristin, to introduce the Tax Solutions Hotline segment featuring R-Truth. He had a news bulletin for Brian C & Wolfie D -  they weren’t black. Killings said they should go play some music with piccolos or something. 

Stacy Carter did the bumper. She was looking quite delicious for 38.

WWE segment was from the July 26 RAW - Sheamus & The Miz over John Cena & Chris Jericho when Jericho turned on Cena and he was pinned by Miz, followed by disintegration within Team Cena. About a 5 minute segment.

Tom Savini video. He said that what Jason did last week was only the beginning, and he had ordered a complete destruction of Lawler for this week

As Jerry Lawler and Su Yung made their way through the crowd, Baxter put Lawler over as the savior of Memphis wrestling, thee man that refused to let it die on his watch. They lingered on  shot of kids taking turns trying on Lawler’s crown.

Lawler joked that the sound man was horrible. Brandon said, ‘No comment.” Lawler put Baxter and Jenkins over for doing a great job. He said the show was about having a good time and having wrestling back on at 11am Saturday morning that way the fans grew up watching it. Lawler said he was happy with every show until last week. Lawler said he had done more research on this Savini guy and found out that he lived in Pittsburgh, a town that being a Cleveland Browns fanatic, Lawler regarded as the armpit of the US. Lawler repeated his invite to Savini to come to Memphis. Lawler vowed to light Savini up like a Roman candle. “You can go out and make a movie without make up, because your face will be burned beyond recognition.”

Jason was accompanied to ringside by “Hollywood’ Jimmy Blaylock. Same deal as the last week – chain around the neck, the machete and it was shot in “Monster Vision”. On commentary, Winters repeated the claim that Lawler killed Andy Kaufman. 

(3) Jerry Lawler (with Su Yung) beat Jason (with Jimmy Blaylock) via DQ in 5:49. Lawler tried to punch around the hockey mask, but Jason had him backpedaling. Jason started beating on Lawler. Lawler tried to regroup, but Jason ran him into the post. Baxter said the people Savini had sent after Lawler didn’t seem right. Geez, I hadn’t noticed. Jason ran Lawler’s head into a counter top and posted him again. “We’re going to murder Lawler! He killed Andy Kaufman. Now we’re going to kill Lawler,“ Blaylock bellowed. “Are you people twisted around here? What is the deal?” said Baxter. Lawler got the fire in his eyes. Jason and Lawler grabbed each other by the throat. The strap came down. Lawler threw six left jabs and a dropkick that floored Jason. The hockey mask flew off. Blaylock wrapped a chain around Lawler’s throat, while Jason pulled Lawler’s legs. Jerry Calhoun finally called for the DQ.   

Yung jumped on Jason’s back. He threw Yung off and goozled her. Lawler took Jason down via a chain around the neck. Lawler did fist drop using the chain, and Calhoun made a three count.

Winter said Lawler was as crooked as a gypsy’s nose hair, same as 25 years ago. Blaylock called Lawler back into the ring. Lawler went in carrying the machete. Blaylock and Jason ran away.

Baxter and Jenkins closed from ringside. Jenkins said some people in the front row were crying during the main event. That would be two weeks in a row. Weepy fans in Memphis. Baxter raised the key question - would Savini accept Lawler’s challenge?

Edge bumper  -  “And now, my favorite part of the show, not another match, THE END.”

Afterthoughts: Overall, this was a good show. The matches had more heat than previous episodes of JMLW. The interview featuring the Whites worked.. Kevin was awesome and the match got the story across very clearly. Christopher and Wolfie make a great heel team. Christopher put Mercer over like a god in the interview, but the booking of Mercer has been all over the map. Good action in the six man. The double distraction finish was a bit unwieldy though. I’ve never seen refs so preoccupied with irrelevant stuff outside the ring as they are on Memphis Wrestling. The Jason thing is just way too hokey for me, but there’s no question the match had great heat. Bert and Baxter were very entertaining again. Baxter was pretty much great throughout the show. He gives the heels zero credence on the Kaufman murder allegations, but sells the threat presented by Savini’s monsters with total seriousness.