Friday, August 27, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.21.10 Week 12 Ratings and Random Thoughts

----Ratings and Random Thoughts for Week 12. 

----The show dipped AGAIN this week to a .7 [11337 viewers], which can not be good news for the guys at JLMW. The show overall was not good and they have to start doing stuff to hit home runs to get people to watch it.  The positive news again this week is it went from .3 [4859 viewers] to a 1.2 [19435 viewers] from finish to end - over 14,000 more viewers. As much as people might want to say about Lawler doing the monster gimmick, he is still getting the best ratings of the show. Nothing much more can be said about the ratings.

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.3 [4859 viewers]
1st Quarter - ends after Melton vs Kevin White match

.6 [9717 viewers] [+4858 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - ends after R-Truth interview

.8 [12956 viewers] [+3239 viewers]
3rd Quarter - ends after Lawler/Su Yung interview

1.2 [19435 viewers] [+6479 viewers]
4th Quarter


----Kevin White's interview introducing his dad was classic.  I really do wished the sound was much better, but with him singing and saying, "I got the blues, " I thought it was one of his best efforts to get over the character...White's match with Cody Melton was the best wrestling on the show and too bad because it was in the lowest rated quarter.  Melton was flawless in this match and is turning into a really good worker...Wolfie D/Brian C/Mercer interview was fun and I am really digging this trio.  Guys that you really want to boo.  Brian was "on" and seemed a bit Lawlerish.  He is a great heel. Honestly after that interview, there was not much more on the show worth watching...The babyface trio interview was bad...The 6 man tag was one of those matches that had good talent, but was not a good match. It was pretty much a fustercluck with everyone acting lost.  And that is saying a lot when you look at the guys that worked it...R-Truth interview was funny...I still like "Monstervision."  I know it is cheesy and probably most people think it is horrible, but that is what I like about it - the campy feel.  The match was the same stuff - nothing changes for Lawler vs whoever.  Lawler did a dropkick though!...Baxter again did a great job and continues to work hard.  He cracked me up when he was talking about Hollywood Jimmy being in his way - ",,Like a bus in front of me.." LOL