Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report Episode 13 8.28.10 by Larry Goodman

----JLMW report for 8.28.10.
Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling – Episode 13
Airing August 28 on
Taped on August 19, 2010 in Memphis at The Vine

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened from ringside. Sounds like a rowdy crowd today at the Vine. Baxter guaranteed chaos.

Right to the action with Bert Prentice as Baxter’s broadcast partner.

(1) Matt Boyce & Lani Kealoha & Jocephus beat Kevin White (with Gary White) & Tommy Mercer & Albino Rhino in 6:30. Prentice was giving Baxter an ever harder time than usual. He was going on and on about Lawler being a liar. Kevin could not get untracked, leaving Mercer to carry the load. Baxter said Kevin’s head was not in the match. Gary’s interference set Boyce up for a decapitation lariat by Mercer. As soon as Boyce got the upper hand on Kevin, he called for help from daddy. Gary distracted Bruno, allowing the 400 pound Rhino (think Bam Bam Bigelow minus the tattoos) to splash Boyce. Rather than going for the pin, Kevin argued with Gary, then walked into Boyce’s small package.

Kevin played the blame game with Mercer and Rhino after the match.

The commercial break contained a graphic that read as follows:

Sunday, September 5 at 6pm
Indoors in the AIR CONDITIONED
Featuring “KING” Jerry Lawler
“Too Sexay” Brian C & Wolfie D, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickles

Lauren introduced the Superstar Hotline segment brought to us by Tax Solutions. “You got IRS problems? They’re your people.” It was Ted Dibiase talking about how he wanted Jennifer Aniston to costar in his next film. The camera zoomed in on Dibiase’s iPhone where had pulled up the [url=http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/08/16/jennifer-aniston-brad-pitt-ted-dibiase-summer-slam-wwe-million-dollar-man-the-switch]hollywoodlife.com headline[/url] - “Jennifer Aniston, we’ve found your perfect guy…WWE Superstar Ted Dibiase wants to date you!” Dibiase conveniently failed to mention the “wants to date you” part. “That is priceless,” he said.

This week’s WWE footage was a Divas Dodgeball game from Summerslam 2004. Hey, any excuse to get Trish Stratus on camera is OK with me.

Gary and Kevin were at ringside with Baxter. Gary said Kevin was in a state of depression after losing Su Yung and the Ga Ga Girl. Fans went “awww” and Gary told them to shut up because this was serious. Gary said it all started with that tramp, Yung. He said the day she walked into their house was the worst day of their life. Gary said Kevin had to snap out of it. Kevin said it was hard. Gary said, “I told you I would take care of the situation. Trust me, son. You gotta trust me.” Gary said he had flown in Kevin’s sister, Rachel from London, where she had been for the last four years. Kevin said he thought she was dating the Prince of Wales. Gary said she was taking time off from that.

Rachel (in her wrestling attire) said Yung thought she could get away with breaking her brother’s heart, and she was there to break Yung’s neck. “Get that skank down here!”

Yung came out dressed to wrestle. Baxter said one of the things you’re always told in wrestling is to always be prepared. Baxter asked Yung if she wanted a match. Yung said since Rachel had the family with her, she wanted Jerry “The King” Lawler in her corner. She called Jerry down. King’s music played and you know how came down the stairs. Baxter said what goes around comes around. Kevin was livid about Lawler sticking his nose in his family’s affairs.

(2) Su Yung (with Jerry Lawler) beat Rachel White (with Gary White & Kevin White) via DQ in 3:05. Boss Winters was smitten with Rachel. “The old boss is feeling feelings he ain’t felt in years,” he said. Baxter liked the gigantic tattoo on Rachel’s gigantic thigh. Baxter wondered if she was jetlagged. He said Gary was a typical stage dad who would spare no expense to make sure his kids got what they wanted. “They appear to be a tad bit bratty.” Rachel was dismantling Yung without any assistance, using a stomach claw and a X factor along the way, but Gary still got involved. When Yung mounted a comeback, Kevin tripped her right in front of Jerry Calhoun for the DQ.

Kevin jumped in to help Rachel double up on Yung. Lawler grabbed Rachel by the hair and threatened to slug her, but let Yung have the honors. Lawler popped Kevin instead.

Baxter wanted to know what was up with the guy and his two female companions seated at ringside taking notes for the last few weeks. They guy was introduced as Mark Imagliani, an image consultant. Imagliani said he was there to take talent from Memphis wrestling to the next level.

Lawler video on his art career.

Too Cruel (Brian “C” & Wolfie “D”) came to the desk. C took the mic and Too Cruel stood so Baxter was in the background. C asked Baxter if knew what today was. Baxter humored him. C said today was the day Too Cruel became the new Southern Tag Team Champions. Wolfie agreed that they were the best team in the history of pro wrestling and ran down a list of Memphis teams – The Fabulous Ones, The Moondogs, The Road Warriors, PG 13 and Too Cool. Wolfie said Too Cruel was like an all-star team combining the standout members of Too Cool and PG13. C continued to verbally abuse “cueball” Baxter. They cut to Guy Coffey seated with the tag belts. Chistopher told Coffey to shine them up along with his bald head. “Call you momma. Call you daddy. Call you baby’s daddy, and tell ‘em to tune in and watch us become the new champions, baby,” C said. Coffey feebly confirmed that the winners would indeed be the new champs.

(3) Eric Wayne & Kid Nickles beat Too Cruel (Brian C & Wolfie D) to win the Southern Tag Team Championship in 8:50. Baxter noted that Wayne and Nickles had more tag team experience. Jimmy Blaylock was at the desk for this one. He said Too Cruel were the blackest guys he knew. “Where do you live, Jimmy?” Baxter asked. Wayne and Nickles were lighting C up. Wolfie didn’t fare much better. Match did a 180 when Wolfie ducked under Wayne’s springboard crossbody. Too Cruel did a lot of showboating as they beat on Wayne. After the tag was made, Nickels gave Too Cruel with a pair of reverse atomic drops and a meeting of the minds. Wayne and Nickles pulled off a double Irish-whip reversal causing Too Cruel to collide. Baxter said he thought Wayne and Nickles had the match. A spot between Nickles and C fell apart. C then took the ref out with a clothesline. Wolfie cracked Nickles over the head with his hubcap. C made the cover, and Wolfie slapped the ref’s hand on the mat for the three count. Too Cruel began to celebrate. The ref pulled their hands down and raised the hands of Wayne and Nickles. Too Cruel’s facial expressions were priceless.

Too Cruel were steaming. C said everyone saw the ref’s hand hit the mat 1-2-3. C asked Jenkins. She refused to look at him and remained silent. Wolfie said if he hit Nickles with his hubcap, there would be a dent in it. Baxter said the ref saw what they did (wasn’t the clothesline enough?). C wanted to see someone in charge. He grabbed Lauren’s mic. “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re not in charge. You don’t even belong in the business.” The ref came out and confirmed that he DQed Too Cruel because Wolfie use the hubcap. C threatened to kick the ref’s ass and demanded somebody that was in charge. He also demanded a rematch. Senior Official Downtown Bruno came out and threatened to suspend C for putting his hands on an official. Bruno said he was counting to five, and if Too Cruel wasn’t gone, he was suspending them. Too Cruel took off running.

Afterthoughts: Poof! We have tag team champions. Top to bottom, this was probably the best episode of JLMW to date. Best fan reactions for sure. This crowd was hot. The editing was tighter as well. None of the matches were mat classics, but each of them worked for telling the story… I’m really enjoying the White family story. To compound the ridiculous fabrication that Rachel is dating the Prince of Wales, Rachel (wrestles as Miss Rachel for PGWA and is married to Tony Falk’s son, LT) speaks with a beautiful English accent, and is clearly not a member of the family…Opener had crisp action when Boyce and Mercer were in together. Albino looked good for the little time he was in. Jocephus never got in the match…Rachel is tons better as a worker than Ga Ga Girl…Another great interview segment with Too Cruel, who are fast becoming one on the rudest most repugnant heel acts around…The screwed up finish marred an otherwise well done main event. Since they were going with the hubcap as the reason for the DQ, why use the shot of C clotheslining the ref? Baxter acted like he didn’t see it. Better to stay with the other camera and let it be a mystery. The postmatch confusion looked genuine…The fact that the WWE stuff was limited to just a couple of minutes was a huge plus in my book. Jenkins, who’ was given less to do this week, came across more professionally. Baxter had some great line. He continues to be the credible voice of reason in a sea of BS.